Super Hero Girls games

Super Hero Girls games

Every girl should be sure to learn the history of superheroes: Bumblebee, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Katana, Supergirl, poison ivy and Betgerl. The best way to get acquainted with them, free online games Girls Superheroes, in which you can play right away, because it is flush with the usual toys, classic lines. Dress up in costumes of characters that will fit their images, paint the pictures and get paired cards. The Hidden Object Adventure and battle enemies, but be wary of clever traps, and during the test to find out with what character you have a lot in common.
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Girls Games superheroes: a new word in the world of heroic

Super Hero Girls games Everyone is familiar with men's names superheroes saving the world from the invasion of aliens, monsters, super villains and tyrants scientists, but the female characters are not so much. It is unfair, because the girl has a keen sense of injustice, and are ready for the sake of restoring peace to all. Mattel and DC Comics Company also thought about this, and in 2015 a new animation project Super Hero Girls, launched production of books, dolls, and other physical goods, as well as out of the game Girls superheroes.

Meet the Girls Game superheroines superheroes

  • Supergerl

U of all the characters in the game Female superheroes their unique talents, and because of this they are able to surprise and confront the worst enemies.

Now the girls have their own daring heroine, able to repel any enemy, and among them you will find:

    • Harli Kvin
    • Katanu
    • Shmel
    • Yadovity Plyusch
    • Chudo - Zhenschinu
    • Betgerl
    • Raising his eyes to the sky, you can easily see how at high speed raced something or someone. You do not seem, it was Wonder Woman – is one of the most courageous and invincible superdevushek, which is also insensitive to poisons, can beat anyone, because it is considered to be immortal.


      Supergirl none other than the successor of the famous Superman. With in excess of hearing, she heard cries for help from anywhere, and the enemy is difficult to hide from her evil plans. It should infuriate her, and she will bring into play the icy breath, as if hurt in the battle, it will recover the ability to regenerate.


      Harley Quinn, the Joker was an assistant, and learned a lot from him. As a mentor, from Harley same wayward character and sharp wit. It does not recognize the prohibitions, and when there is a goal, it always reaches.


      – Bumblebee dark-skinned superhero for which suit is bulletproof vest. She has a great response, it is agile, fast, and can cause electric shocks.


      Poison Ivy is beautiful and dangerous. It kills one touch, she also endures various poisons and toxic substances.


    Katana as a child received lessons combat swordsmanship and samurai studied in school. Her sword, hit enemies, captivates his soul within him, and she is the mistress of bladed weapons. Betgerl – comes from a Batman family, and the most intelligent. Karate she speaks perfect, he shoots well and uses the cold steel. It is an excellent hacker, and any electronics cope easily, forcing her to work in a different way, or to obtain the necessary information from the computer.

reincarnate together, playing games Girls superheroes

Super Hero Girls games Super Hero Girls games In addition to the heroine are designed to protect people from the attacks of pests, they are lovely, kind, coquettish girl with a lot of interest. You are waiting for the game Girls dress up superheroes and other destinations:

  • Raskraski
  • Pazly
  • Na pamyat
  • Testy
  • Brodilki

Pobyvayte in flight school, where the heroine hone their skills. Choosing one of them, pass the examination to overcome the obstacles. Here is a difficult part, gathered dangerous traps, but also a lot of bonuses. Collect coins and other useful little things, not to run into electric charges, and other troubles. When you get to the finish line, you can select another character, or pass the stage of the same, if you want to improve its performance, until it becomes round excellent student among students. You can add puzzles, which gathered all the characters or play into the memory card, and even take a test in order to compare themselves with one of the girls, but have prepared a special variety of games Girls dress up superheroes. Every girl needs to save the image, and be irresistible even on the battlefield.

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