Gift rush games

Gift rush games

Getting to play in the most exciting chase - free online game Chasing gifts. Spiders are very caring and love to delight loved surprises. On Christmas Eve, the spider will not leave the kids and loved without presents, and will do a tedious way to pull a box to them, or vice versa - the child and beloved to the present. For movements and actions he uses sticky web strand, but will be levels when treated with the composition of the wall adhesion, and have to seek circuitous road to get to the goal. Your ingenuity will help the character to perform all tasks.
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Gift rush games Gift rush games Who likes to receive gifts, and he loves to give them. People, indifferent to surprises, just does not happen, but because the game Chasing gifts like the girls, the boys and their parents.
Applies to developing fun, logical adventure. It runs quickly and, starting from the first level offers to solve assignments of increasing complexity. The protagonist of purple spider. At first he had one child, and then will be two, three, a whole crowd. When a large family, it is necessary not only to feed, but also all bestow holiday gifts.
Spider is trying very hard to be the kids were happy and looking forward to your help. It moves through the web-thread, which can be attached to any surface. But it is necessary to have time to throw and to fix, as the hero in the course of the flight, otherwise it will fall.
The goal of the game Chasing gifts any way to connect a cub and a gift together, and you Drag the box to the baby or toddler on the contrary to the box, no longer has a special significance. The main thing to achieve the goal, and when the two objects will be next, I think, the child will be able to deploy their own surprise.

Continuing in the same spirit

Unexpectedly game Chasing gifts will be continued. Our hero spider met this beautiful young spider. She winked at him playfully, and Knight lost sleep, rest and peace of mind.
Love Romeo dreams of reciprocity, but we all know that you can win the heart of another, making a romantic gesture. Both men give the girls sweets and flowers, so the spiders presented their ladies goodies in the form of various insects.
In the field of view of the hero got green fly, and he knew what to do to get hold of the heart of the beautiful we must give her the fly, and we must do it beautifully, with intrigue. It would be the best gift box with a luxurious bow.
Spider chasing around the perimeter of the winged prey, cobweb clinging to the walls, projections, turrets and even the very fly with one purpose to connect them together. Once two objects are touching, they are united, and we can assume that at this level, mission accomplished. But one gift has conquered the heart of a proud stranger, but only give you a quick look it. That it melted and become your forever, you need a lot of flies, a lot of boxes and a lot of effort in order to unite them, passing any test and overcoming difficulties.

Happy birthday, spiders!

Gift rush games New portion of the game Chasing gifts birthday party invites note spider kids. They had a litter, and were all born at the same time. Like all children, they love the sweet, and you have to help the hero to treat their chocolate cake.
is difficult to keep to yourself not to bite off a piece of goodies, but all the best for children. During the game Chasing gifts you will have new difficulties with the passage. Rooms are all intricate and more difficult to find the way to the calf, and cakes, and then find a place of their happy union.
On the way there are boxes blocking the passage, and they should pull to the side. Then some wise guy crafted wall composition from sticking, and the spider can not attach to them a web. He has to dodge, to seek workarounds to perform a task.

  • Ispolzuyte cobweb, to move in space and drag predmety
  • Soedinite spider with a gift to pass uroven
  • Preodolevayte pregrady
  • Reshite all tasks on each urovne

Upravlenie in the game the most simple one arm. Just get the hand to throw spider thread and rocking her to move on.

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