Burger Restaurant games

Burger Restaurant games

Play free toys on the restaurant business girls never get tired. Now before them games burger restaurant, which is to become a professional in collecting the ingredients in one product, guided by the wishes of the visitors. Each requires a burger according to individual taste, and nothing can be confused, or client will refuse to pay, get angry and leave the restaurant. Working efficient and error-free, you earn good reputation, attracting new visitors. Expand the company, making it more tempting due to the interior and varied menu.
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Burger Restaurant by Category:

Vkusnye game Restaurant burgers for devochek

Burger Restaurant games Category for the preparation of food and business development never stands idle. Girls grow on foods such as burger restaurant games, cooking and doing extending the network of enterprises.

  • Gotovte ingredients
  • Sobirayte them in the same order as ordered klient
  • Uspevayte serve ochered
  • Zabirayte fee for edu
  • Nakaplivayte sredstva
  • Pokupayte new oborudovanie

Igry restaurant burgers are not much different from similar stories why change something radically if the scenario always works. This culinary trend is very harmoniously integrated into the interests of girls and they are happy to pass the levels, increasing the speed of service.

Uchimsya be burgery

Vy not just themselves visited cafes and fast food restaurants, and you know that the foundation of each burger is a burger. It should be properly roasted to stay juicy, well done but not burnt, but to achieve such a state of meat obtained from experience. The remaining ingredients are subject to change - someone wants onion rings, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard.
Playing in the game burger restaurant, you quickly learn that every visitor orders a burger to your liking, and you have exactly to his wishes to assemble the dish, observing the sequence. If you make a mistake, and it happens to everyone, this burger can be set aside in the hope that the next visitor will want to just such a set of products, and you can immediately send it to the basket, and soon begin to collect a new one.
work you should promptly to the client is not started to get nervous, knock fingers tap on the counter. He is impatient, you will see by the number of stars next to it. The longer you procrastinate, the less stars in waiting human order, and the less he is inclined to tip you pay. If expire minutes of waiting, the customer would get angry and walk away, leaving you with no money. In contrast, the faster you work, the more satisfied visitors to you glance back, which significantly increase your profits.

Vasha goal zarabotok

Burger Restaurant games Burger Restaurant games Every business afoot for the money, and that he prospered, it is necessary to develop the enterprise to meet the needs of visitors. If your first restaurant was a humble and obscure, then gradually found fame. Customers has increased, because you quickly serve without collecting a large queue. But people want more than a burger, let you have it and the most delicious in the area.
Good to drink it with something refreshing or hot coffee, and kids loves ice cream and sweet cocktails. During the game burger restaurant, you must earn money in order to diversify their menus.
The store buy devices that will prepare drinks, to give a multi-colored balls of ice cream, cheese slice, fry potatoes, wings, pouring fresh coffee, buns and burgers to cook. Soon, your point will become so popular that it will be visited by people of different professions, and everyone will find a favorite on the menu.
During the game Restaurant burgers you can not do without not only a fast technique, but without an assistant, who is waiting for your team to get started. As soon as the person who ordered the salad, let the sign chef, and he quickly it narezhet.
You must be a supply of biscuits and chopped roasted cutlets. This saves time and allows you to quickly serve visitors. You will only add cheese, sauce, lettuce and other ingredients in the order given, and serves the customer. This is all the wisdom that will perfectly cope with a virtual restaurant.

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