Hands of War games

Hands of War games

Boys convene to serve in the imperial army to protect the integrity of the land. We came to serve as druids, mages, warriors, necromancers, archers and other residents on the edge of the benefit of the people. To play free online game Hands of War, choose among them the most worthy, and top army soldiers. To destroy the enemy army must be well prepared, and it is your concern too. After each skirmish raise its performance, adding to the range of skills of new talent, and improving old ones. Do quests and go through the level, and each small victory brings an end to the war.
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Igry Hands of War on the trail voyny

Hands of War games Here is a military strategy game Hands of War, consisting of several parts. Immerse yourself in an adventure where the fierce battle infused with magic, and the enemies are forced to raise their own status to a higher level.
You can go to distant lands in the times when kings ruled. They were forced to defend their possessions against external enemies who dream to bite off a piece of cake fertile soils containing abundant resources, fur and bird inhabited forests, teeming fish of the river. To preserve the inviolability of borders, needed a large army comprising troops of different generations.
It is not only external enemies attacking the state, but also internal conflicts harmed the threat of a split. Now the reigning ruler faced with a situation where the relationship between the various factions have reached the intensity, and the civil war began. Playing the game Hands of War, pick your soldier:

  • Mechnik
  • Mag
  • Luchnik

Pobeda in your rukah

Navernyaka you have spent many hours in the military theme games and know what qualities are usually endowed with the characters presented. Swordsman most difficult, steep and assertive warrior. He rushes in the first attack, taking the enemy's main forces. The army of the enemy, he crashed, causing dashing punches steel blade, cutting the enemy into pieces.
Archer is not so good at melee attack, but it is indispensable to long-distance lines. His arrows, issued a firm hand, fly away, hits the target at any distance. Do not even go near, Archer reduces the number of enemy troops.
remains a magician, he's a magician. As a soldier, he is not quite well off as weak physically. Contact with outsiders will result in death, but his magic is worth much. Modestly standing in a secluded corner, he weaves a spell against the enemy, not letting him get too close to the goal.

  • Zaschischayte your zamok
  • Obschaytes with personazhami
  • Vypolnyayte received zadaniya
  • Razvivayte geroev

Hands of War games Hands of War games

Vy independently decide with what fractions zavyazhutsya friendships, and with what will remain cool. But remember that you can not be friends with the two factions, if together they expanded conflict. Think with whom profitable to be allies before making a choice.


raging war

It is worth war is, it does not stop. Be sure there is a reason to disturb the fragile peace. After winning party did not last long, and on the threshold of new clash of arms. In the second part of the game Hands of War joins the three classes of new trinity of the Necromancer, Druid and knife thrower. But first, only half of the available characters, because you have to be content with little. But going through the quests, you open the way to all the features, and will be able to change classes.
Fighting with monsters and soldiers, you will gain experience, become stronger, fitter, learn to shoot accurately and more magic, use the power of nature and read tracks. Your characters can pump up to higher performance, when no one can resist them.
To take a new job, in the plot of the game Hands of War provided color solution units, and you will find them on the green or yellow color. Successful completion of the missions brings monetary rewards and additional capacity, so it is useful to alternate battle with quests.
Opening the game Hands of War, you become a member of military strategy, solving global issues, starting with the hiring of troops to the formation of relations with its neighbors. Fight bravely and skillfully to not let the enemy to your lands. To gain experience and earn money on the battles, then raising the morale and performance of their soldiers.

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