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Caillou games

You do not often see the caring and loving boys who read bedtime fairy sister and help her mother with household chores, and even learning perfectly. Hero Online Games Caillou such. But it would be boring to observe the life of a character who has everything smoothly. Start to play for free, and find out what Kai faced in everyday life. It is full of adventures, dangerous and unexpected encounters. At any moment can revive monsters from the book sisters, get crazy broom and throw things around the room. Turn imagination and become a partner of the hero in his true story.
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Igry Kai positive about the boy in mire

Caillou games Presenting you the game Kai, we want to introduce the leading character – amazing boy. He became the hero of the animated series in 1998 in Canada, and so like children, he decided to continue his journey in the virtual world.
This is the kid who always attracts attention. He is the embodiment of kindness and justice. Although he is still a child, he feels obliged to help her mother in the kitchen, lay sister in bed, reading her bedtime stories, and time to study hard while at school.
there is no need to remind him to wash the dishes, clean the room, hang a shelf in the closet. And to cope with this work, he hastened to drive from the pantry monster that frightens sister. At Kai a lot of work, but he is glad, because this is the most high-spirited, responsible and cute baby in the world. To verify this, open the game Kai, and go:

Caillou games Deciding to spend time near the hero, get ready for fun, which are presented in different directions.

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Zaboty main geroya

Just a boy interested in everything, he does not want to miss a single game, and at the same time invites you to learn something new.

During the game, Kai, you will learn to cook different dishes, and help the boy 's grandmother. Find the kitchen the necessary ingredients for each recipe, and cook the burgers, omelets, pancakes, cakes, and other tasty dishes. Initially required for the preparation of products can be seen well, and later it is only dark images, and it is helpful to imagine that it is necessary. If properly take and put on the table a product, it will appear in the list.

Kai More games will be shown as a boy embodies the imagination during the construction of the house. This is a difficult and responsible task, and it is necessary to select those parts of the represented that blend together in a single structure. Select, what will be the walls and roof, windows and doors, chimney, and then come up with for each room furniture, selecting it from the menu. You must have a living room and bedroom, but not limited to – kitchen, bathroom too. Each room provides its subjects, and you'll like to think carefully about the situation for the whole house. Kai did not forget about his beloved little sister, placing it in a room colored rugs, rocking horse and soft ottoman.

Another passion

Caillou games – Kai gardening. He is ready to spend all day on the street, finding each plant its place. The seeds he grows beautiful flowers, sprouts – trees. But Kai has a lot to learn, so he helps the girl, sharing their experiences. Under his leadership, the boy watering hole with sprouts, fertilizes and waters again, and when it is harmful midges swoops, drives away her flycatchers. When the time comes, and the first blossoms bud, Kai insanely happy about that.

Razvivaemsya vmeste

Geroy not forget also about the lessons, which help him to grow attentive, observant, well-rounded. It is different words using the letters on the dice. All the girls are so able, but now you have to do it in English.
Good to periodically open the game Kai with memory cards. The pictures boy and his friends are shown in different situations, and you have to look the same, in order to pass all levels. The more you engage in such exercises, the more tenacious will your visual memory. And because the memory is different, remember the notes by ear, and then repeat the sequence. Among the jobs there will be other interesting offers, which you will also be studied independently.

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