Underground War games

Underground War games

Free online games Underground Wars will send players far below the surface of the earth. There is a fantastic world, inhabited by a variety of monsters and monsters. The war between the clans does not stop for centuries, the players will take one of the parties, and with the right approach will help end this bloody conflict. You can play for free at any convenient time at several sites, at which battles unfold at the same time, to strengthen the army by purchasing five types of weapons for soldiers after each round. Victory will get only one, the enemy must be destroyed completely.
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Dangerous Underground War games

Underground War games online Games Underground wars will take players to the depths of a fantastic world in which a bloody war has not stopped for thousands of years. The enemy is aggressive and merciless, the enemy is constantly increasing strength, and developing the latest deadly weapons. To defeat him, the task is not simple, but quite doable.

Somewhere there is a lost world, scary monsters live in it. The two armies clashed in mortal combat for control of these wild places. Players will take one side, a compromise is not possible, or die, or destroy the enemy completely. There is not just some kind of battle, on every free piece of land there is a battle, where opponents would not meet, they will fight to the end. While reinforcing the army and sending the soldiers to the hot spots, where the players need them most, there are chances for victory. Underground War games online

Games War under the ground earned praise from users, the authors released six parts of the game, so that those who deserve the glory of a great commander once did not stand aside, but continue to fight, winning battle after battle. In each subsequent version, the enemy horde becomes more numerous, the rulers create new monsters and equip them to the teeth.

Install games Underground wars are not necessary, all parts are online, they are launched with one click directly on the site. Winning the war will only honestly, in one version there are no shops with paid bonuses, only a clear mind and cold calculation will bring game currency, and a well-deserved victory.

Underground War games will remain one

Management in all parts of the game War Underground is the same, for the convenience of the players, you can use the mouse, or you can use the keyboard buttons. This is how soldiers with different weapons are created and platforms where battles take place are switched.

As in the first version, and in all subsequent five types of troops, they differ in armament:

  • Mechniki first fighters available to players;
  • Soldiers, armed with pistols and arrows;
  • As development develops a firearm shotgun;
  • At the next stage automatic;
  • Top technology will be the highest warrior with a launcher.

Underground War games online At each level, the player is given a certain number of soldiers; he cannot send more monsters to fight than he has weapons. After each successful battle, where the army takes the user up, he earns in-game currency. It is better to spend it wisely, the store sells all possible weapons, but not all soldiers have mastered advanced technology.

Completing stocks, you can continue to go to war, with each new level the enemy troops are stronger, their numbers become larger, and sometimes exceed several times. The first part can be called the easiest, the developers released a sequel, in the hope that the players have already been trained properly, playing in the previous parts.

In each new version of the game, Underground Wars, new types of monsters appear, some similar to foxes in strong leather armor, others to terrible yellow birds armed with a double ax with the name Labrys. The further the player enters the levels, the ominous monsters and more sites where battles are fought.

The whole series of editions of the Underground War games is very fascinating, starting to play from the first part you can not notice how time passed, and the glorious warriors are already fighting in the sixth version. The quality of games at the height, the graphics are perfectly traced, despite the gloomy world of the dungeon. The music that sounds in the background, intense, it adds weight to what is happening on the monitor. Separate praise deserve sound effects voiced every beat, shot and an accurate hit.

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