Jumping Box games

Jumping Box games

Want to stretch the gyrus? Then you need free online Jumping Box games. You can play as soon as the screen opens. Help the box to reach the destination, indicated by a flag or a small running belt. Clamp the edge of the box with the mouse, pull it aside under a certain slope, and release so that the object comes into motion. To achieve the goal, you have to work hard, overcome various obstacles in the form of blocks, walls, cliffs, spikes and even jumping creatures. Each level is more complicated than the previous one, but this only encourages the search for the right path.
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Logic of the Jumping Box games

Jumping Box games online Theme with educational toys will always be the most popular. Inquisitive human brain never stops, always looking for food for processing. This is wonderful, because at any age we need to develop, grow, or at least not surrender our positions. If the brain is not loaded with anything for a long time, it begins to be lazy, it becomes immobile, sluggish. Fans of puzzles, crosswords, and such fun as a jumping box game will not touch this prospect, because they are always in search of solutions to complex tasks. And who said that work should be boring? It is much easier to learn new material and find the right way, if it happens in an entertaining way. The process of the game jumping box you will surely enjoy for the simplicity of the idea and execution. But the search for a solution will take much more power, but that's what was intended.

  • Explore space filling
  • Move the object by pointing it with the mouse.
  • Look for the optimum angle of flight
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Replay levels in case of loss

Amusing mission

Simple and fun Jumping Box games have sequels. In the first part we see the usual cardboard box, which must be delivered to the place indicated by the flag and in the same color as herself. To do this, place the cursor on the box, click on it, and then hold and pull to the side at a certain angle. You will see that the elastic band is tightened, and when you release it, it will hit the box and it will fly off to the side. It depends on the tension force and the angle exactly where the object will fly.

Before you do this operation, try to imagine where you want to send the box, and depending on this act. You may need a little time to practice, but it does not take much effort. These actions require an understanding of the physical laws, but even it is intuitively clear what is required and how to act. This means that the toy will be of interest to players of any age, both the youngest and adults.

Jumping Box games online Jumping Box games online

The first stages are simple, and they can be considered as training ones. Then small obstacles will begin to appear. You will have to throw the box through small fences and high walls, through dips, practically juggle it, sending it to platforms at different levels until you get to the box. At some stages, you will see boxes of a different color, but they are designed not to help, but to interfere with your manipulations. They then jump up and down the muzzle, blocking the passage. Faced with this, your box flies off in a completely unpredictable direction, and can get stuck between the blocks. If you cannot get it, there is only one way to replay the level.

Fun will Continue

Second part of the game The jumping box is no less interesting. Now it looks differently instead of a cardboard orange box in front of us a metallic blue box, which overcomes obstacles inside metal structures, trying to get on a small running tape. The rest of the principle remains the same, and again you need to help the object, jump to its destination. Pull the gum so that the box jumps and flies over brick cubes, chasms and other obstacles. Try also not to encounter jumpers who appear from time to time. Among the dangers there are very sharp thorns that will destroy our box, and the level will have to be replayed. But for the successful passage of you accrue points and bonuses, so that you really try.

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