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Remarkable entertainment is offered by free Home games. Acquainted with the alien Oh and his earthly friend Dar, go on exciting adventures. Starting to play, improve the girl's car, using extraterrestrial details. Replace the engine, connect the modules, and the aircraft is ready. He was so accustomed to earthly life that he fell in love with the pastries that you have to make. This led to the fact that the alien guest ache teeth, and going to the clinic is inevitable. At the same time, the girl will heal his wounds before new adventures.
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From cartoon to Home games

Home games online Adventure comedy full-length cartoon formed the basis of numerous plots of the Home games. Filmed at DreamWorks Animation SKG studio, he conquered the audience with an original approach to the alien theme.

Events develop on Earth at the moment when it is captured by the race of the Bouvans. Although she is considered to be friendly, her actions cannot be called such. The uncompromising captain Smek gave the order to resettle all "earthly people", t. e. people to Australia.

In the course of the operation, only one girl by the name of Dar managed to escape (in fact, it is abbreviated as GRANT). She hid in one of the shops, but there also decided to hide from her fellows one of the letters, whose name is denoted by one letter O. He fell into disgrace when, by mistake, he sent out an invitation to housewarming on their new planet, but it was received not only by the Bouvians, but also by their old enemies, the Gorgians. Home games online

It was from them that this folk fled so quickly that it climbed into our solar system, breaking millions of long light years separating both planets. Buvyan again need to escape from the invasion of the Gorgus, but first the main character, who managed to make friends with Dar, must find her mother. New friends still do not fully trust each other, but because their relationship is full of nagging, but after a quarrel, they again reconcile.

After podbiv one of the Gorgov unmanned vehicles, a cute alien and Dar take the chip from him, and he repairs the girl's car. Now they have their own aircraft, and they are in a hurry to Australia, so that Oh could help her friend find her mother and evacuate with her people. Later, being among the booves, the alien convinces those that people really are not at all what Smek described them.

His speech was so heartfelt that he was chosen as the new captain. Of course, in this cartoon, everything ends well, people return home, Dar finds mother, the gorgi are defeated, and the bouvies dance to fervent music before leaving home.

Time to open Home games

This is a funny story that attracts all family members to the screens, and when the session is over, the children can continue to communicate with the characters in the virtual world. When you open Home games for free, you will see that the adventure continues. Along with the purple square alien, you will be able to complete tasks yourself. The choice of directions is impressive and happy:


  • Culinary
  • Hospital
  • Memory Games
  • Dressing Equipment
  • Mathematics
  • Finding Differences
  • Hidden Numbers
  • Logic
  • Colorings


Home games online Not in the list of game products and without a puzzle. This logical fun is almost mandatory, because most players love this direction. Then use the magnifying glass to find and collect the numbers hidden in the field. We must work quickly in order to perform the task with the best performance. Another Home game beat the situation with the repair of the machine.

Instead of an ordinary car, the hero will make a real spacecraft using extraterrestrial technologies. See what the hand shows you and improve the design. First put out the ignited engine, and discard it. Next, put the new motor, tighten the nuts, lead the wires to it, and you can go. Once in the factory Home games, try to change the appearance of an alien.

Try him different wigs, outfits, accessories. At another time, the hero will have to treat his teeth or help Dar to get rid of the resulting abrasions in the hospital. When both are healthy again, you can go to the kitchen and cook sweet donuts with colored powder. Follow the recipe, and you get a great treat for two.

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