My new room games

My new room games

Before you start a grand renovation, it is useful to play free online game My new room. Indulge your imagination in the interior, choosing items in a virtual menu. See how the will look on the walls wallpaper with patterns and solid colors. Choose flooring, hang lamps and lighting fixtures, mirrors, curtains and paintings. Window and door can be moved along the wall, looking for their ideal place. Fireplace will make your room a cozy, especially in winter, when it light up the wood. Be the sofas, chairs, cabinets, chairs, a table, and on it a tape recorder or a bowl of flowers.
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Dizaynerskie game My new komnata

My new room games online My new room games online new and trendy things gradually become obsolete and lose their relevance former luster. It is understood by one looked at them as if anew, and from that moment haunted by the idea that it was time to hold a general update clothes, toys or interior room. But before you lifts his at such a great event as the repair, play the game My new room to experiment with a virtual environment before making a final decision.
You can come up with the color scheme, furniture, plants, toys and many other things, drawing in the head image of the future premises. But you still can not imagine how it will turn out in reality. Picture in your mind, and the result will be very different. For such cases, provided interior design simulators, which are represented by groups of different subjects. They can try and change indefinitely, without looking at the time. You are not limited by any boundaries, and can work indefinitely until every bar will not be perfected.
You have to like the fact that the game shows the crane, because in the future this may be your room in the real world. If confuses some element, simply replace it or remove completely. Alternatively, it can be moved to another location. So it happens that the thing itself is really cool, but it does not look if takes its place in space.

Dizayn is tainstvo

My new room games online You will find several versions of the game, but no differences between the plot of the game My new room 3 and other series you will not find. Just in each there are several other items that can be used for work.

Na your taste choose a wallpaper, flooring, bedding mats.

  • Izuchite range veschey
  • Razmestite Inside each of them on its meste
  • Menyayte their position in space at any moment
  • Lishnie remove things in korzinu
  • Raskraste floor and steny
  • Zavedite home pitomtsev
  • Vse things games for girls My new room can vraschat


Decorate the walls with paintings, lamps, set up the cabinet, table, sofas and chairs. On the bedside table, and the tables can put other things such as lamps, vases, bouquets, radio, aquarium.
Like other versions of the game My new room 2 allows you to have a pet. It can be aquarium fish, a bird in a cage, hamsters, rabbits, kittens and even a large dog that razlyazhetsya just middle of the room on the floor. If parents against animals in the apartment, the game allows to have a whole zoo.

Do not be afraid to experiment

The beauty of the game My new room alterations in permissiveness. Then you can move on any wall and height of the window, make the door where it is more convenient, and even post a fireplace. If desired, you can turn the home into a kind of jungle, spreading everywhere vines and trees in tubs.
At any moment, you can feel like in the tropics, hoisted in the middle of the room swimming pool, spread around the palm trees, parrots on the branches of plant and on the walls hung posters with the surf.
You will be easy to navigate in a variety of subjects, because they are divided by subject, and each has its own icon. Just click on it and open the desired menu. And they always remain active and look in each group can be reused.
These games My new room will serve as an excellent training ground for girls who dream to change the boring interior. The result is useful to keep, put on his page on the Web, and discuss the results with friends. They may prompt a fresh idea, to which you have not guessed.

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