Millionaire games

Millionaire games

In this section you will see not only the online version of the TV show, and will be able to free to play all sorts of games Millionaire involving cartoon characters, for example, from Futurama. Answering the questions, you will learn about your erudition and knowledge will be able to fill in the blanks. Another question requires the selection of the options of answers, and if the answer is always right, have a chance to win all the money, becoming a millionaire. Of course, the virtual money, because it is only entertainment, but the excitement is still not lost and you can choose the theme itself.

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Millionaire games


  The dream of getting rich pursues many, but not everyone is able to carry it out. And in this dream, as a rule, no specific targets – I wish that on you fell a lot of money, just out of nowhere. This may be an unexpected inheritance or winning the lottery. Because the hope that you have abroad Rich Uncle Scrooge, who loves you, and you do not know, is equal to zero, there is only a lottery.

The people for many years to buy tickets, but did not win. If we calculate how much money they spent during the entire period the desire to disrupt the capital, that if they set aside the sum of the cost of tickets in the box, would have to buy a car or make a down payment on the purchase of a new apartment. But eternal « maybe » It stirs inside and again pushes the pot.

Millionaire games Turning telemillionerov virtual rich

playing on the feelings of people gambling, and were invented by a TV show, where he showed himself an intellectual, they could take home some money or expensive prize. These TV programs were invented in America, and only later borrowed and adapted to our audience. So there were transmission « O Lucky Man! » and « Field of Dreams ». They have become popular not less than a Mexican soap operas and Brazilian street dying during their broadcasts.

It seemed that the dream has become closer to enrich themselves. In the studio audience sent letters wishing to get to the shooting. Such correspondence received whole sacks, all for shooting the next show sign it for the year ahead. This again was like a lottery, where among millions, the winner is the only one, but hope dies.

Transfer « Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? » first appeared on the national channels in 1999 and appeared on NTV. In the original, the name sounds like a « Who wants to be a millionaire? », but it was changed to « O Lucky Man! ». The excitement kept for many years, but now the dust settled. And that less, there are still those who are true pleasure examines itself in its online version. For true fans of a millionaire online play remains the guiding light that supports the hope of a big win, albeit a virtual one.

Millionaires are playing games online millionaire

To amuse nostalgia for the game retains all the attributes of the studio. Once in a familiar environment, can not wait to start. Well, there is no reason to delay – We open the first issue of fifteen and read the four possible answers, of which it is necessary to choose the only correct. As you know, the ease with which you gave no answer, just the buildup to adapt to you and stretch your gyrus. Turnovers are typed quickly and already before you tricky questions that can wound your logic and knowledge to your invisible fist.

Millionaire games If you feel that have stalled or doubt in the selection, use of the proposed assistance, which is reflected in the choice:

  • 50-50;
  • call a friend;
  • support from the audience.  

By selecting the first option, two wrong answers disappear from the field. Now, less likely to miss, but sometimes illuminating nothing does not occur. Can use other call? Unless of course, you trust his opinion or had advance arm of encyclopedias and taught to use them. Time to find and talk you just thirty seconds, so one has to be pretty smart.

It is necessary to help the hall. Here, too, it is not so simple. Even if the majority will choose one of the answers, not the fact that the opinion of the crowd was not mistaken, and if in doubt, give his version. Now that you already know how to be a millionaire to play, it's time to earn his first million by playing the classic version or a slightly modified.

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