Game Kiba and Kumba: Jungle Chaos online

Game Kiba and Kumba: Jungle Chaos

Kiba and Kumba: Jungle Chaos

Today we want to bring to your attention a new game about the adventures of Kiba and Kumba Kiba and Kumba: Jungle Chaos. Today, our heroes decided to walk through the jungle and see what's new appeared in the places where they live. We will make a company with them on this journey. At the beginning of the game, we will choose from two characters for whom we will play. After that, our hero will appear at the beginning of his journey. Now we will control his movements using the arrows on the keyboard. We will run along the road, but there are dangers waiting for us in the form of failures, hammered stakes, crawling snakes. We need to jump all at a speed. After all, if we fall into traps, we will simply perish. So, look carefully at the screen, react in time to change the situation and plan ahead your actions. Just collect gold coins located in different places on the road. For them you will be given game points. Also on the road will be scattered and various bonuses. You also need to select them. After all, they will give you different amplifications that will help you on the road. Game Kiba and Kumba: Jungle Chaos is quite interesting, with a beautiful storyline and beautifully drawn graphics. Having opened Kiba and Kumba: Jungle Chaos on our site you will perfectly spend your time participating in the adventures of our heroes.
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