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Game Mahjong Link

Mahjong Link

Do you love adventure and mystery? Then welcome to the world of Mahjong Link online, where you can check how attentive you are, whether your reaction is fast, whether you can focus on the task at hand and choose the best option for solving it. In front of you will be a wall with tablets on which various symbols, figures and hieroglyphs are applied. Your task will be to find identical ones and pair them up. After that, they will disappear and the playing field will be cleared. Please note that it is necessary to select only those that are next to or between them the cleared space. Each level has a limited time limit, and you need to complete it as quickly as possible in order to receive additional rewards and bonuses. If there are difficulties, you can use the hints or slow down the time a little, but you should not waste this help at the first levels, because with each level the difficulty will increase. As you can see, tasks and help are perfectly balanced, so playing Mahjong Link play is a pleasure.
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