Game Knights and Brides online

Game Knights and Brides

Knights and Brides

The plot of the game Fidelity: Knights and Princess online will develop in different directions. One will be for the Knights - the other for society ladies. The mighty knights prefer to fight in arenas, and pretty lady to look after the estate and entertain their fans a variety of goodies.
You will be facing a difficult choice. To start with the sex of the character and his types. Girls will be able to become a stylish and energetic and charming wealthy ladies. Young people will be able to choose between good or daring knights. From the one you choose depends on your heritage, which eventually will have to be open in the future. Play Fidelity: Knights and Princess you can in a pair, and alone. Later, a couple, you can always find it. When the knight sent to fight and dedicates it to his lady, she rewards him with gifts. But if society lady treat her knight delicious homemade dish, its strength increases many times, giving more chances to win the match.
Also, you have to develop agriculture, feed various animals, harvest build houses and much more.
iPlayer Fidelity: Knights and Princess is perfect for leisure activities. The game is quite colorful and has a good sound design. Find Friends and move on exciting quests and missions together. You can purchase additional items from the game store, but for fun as they say you need to pay dearly.
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