Game Audrey Pony Daycare online

Game Audrey Pony Daycare

Audrey Pony Daycare

Audrey went to the farm to visit her beloved pony, but found him miserable. The day before, the mischievous man frolicked in the street during the rain and now all his fur, tail and even mane are abundantly covered with mud. She managed to dry and very much interferes with the horse. The heroine is in shock, but everything can be fixed if you get down to business in the game Audrey Pony Daycare. When the mud was crumpled, small cuts were found on the pony's body. Cover them with a special healing plaster. Then feed the horse and now you can embellish it by choosing a beautiful blanket and decorations in the mane and tail. For one, choose outfits for Audrey so that she and the pony look organic.
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