Winx believix games

Winx believix games

Do you want to become one of the most beautiful fairies? Then start the free games Winx biliviks online to play with young beauties, helping them to perform their magical feats. As can be seen feat even find differences on the background of virtually identical images. Some disguised themselves particularly well, and even a keen player is not always immediately detect a slight mismatch. The girls also enjoy the numerous dress up, picking up the heroines cute outfits for the next upcoming holiday or a romantic date.

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Winx biliviks games for girls Games Winx biliviks: how it all began

fairy Winx girls live in the dimension of Magix, filling and other mythical creatures. Bloom, who previously lived in the world, believed in the existence of fairies and later became queen of the planet Domino. It was she who organized the Winx Club, which included her friend and Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecla and Leila. All of them attend school witches Alpheus where learn the basics of magic, and confront powerful forces of evil and just have fun, like most ordinary young lady.

What can be learned from the Winx

Games Winx biliviks that you see in front of you, it's private lessons, in which cute baby priobschat you to great knowledge, teach courage, style, new way of life, and devoted to their usual, daily activities. Their range is always a joy and enthusiasm. Even opposing enemies, they remain cheerful and compelling. But how do they do it?

is transformed into fairies

visited with the newly acquired friends beauty salons, you'll learn about the fashion world a lot of interesting. Winx gladly lend themselves as models, and you can safely begin to create for them a new image. Their wardrobe is replete with colorful dresses, echoes with the beauty of nature, and complement the costume jewelry elements floral themes, but there are hearts and curlicues just original. Games for girls Winx biliviks, it is also a beauty treatment for the return of a blossoming appearance Little fairy. Sometimes the struggle with the enemy so exhausting that cute little faces settles fatigue and paleness. But you are always on hand bright blush, eye shadow and lip gloss. Using a magic palette and brush, you can easily return them lost luster.

Winx biliviks games for girls The trouble lies in wait

As life throws up different surprises, we must always be ready to repel another nuisance. Even being in the clouds, you can not be sure that because they did not show the monster's head or aggressive witch, and the insect. Riding in the bubbles, and always be on guard, because you will prepare the meeting as a good-natured chat with dwarves, who are happy to share with you the life-force and the evil sorcerer prepares them away. Even my friends and you can make a race to the clouds and on the way to collect yummy or shoot a bow, trying to hit as many bubbles. Accuracy will be key to gaming account and exercise vigilance at.

The practical lessons

During the game Winx beliviks can master the English keyboard layout. To do this, click on the letters that appear on the screen. This is a very useful exercise, because it is often necessary to ask to find the English name of something, such as games. There is even a musical version of the toy, where you have to remember melody on the keys involved, and then play it by clicking on them in the same order.

Creative classes

Winx biliviks games for girls Where the dominant color, can not do without the gaming colorings. A world without the fullness of paints for the fairies is unbearable and they will soon start to hurt, to wither. Only with your light hand again they perk and sincere smile. Note that this task can be approached in different ways. To repeat the original pattern, you first remember it thoroughly, and then try to portray the image with a black outline. But if you are willing to give inspiration, drop conventions and enjoy the process of using personal fantasies. Puzzles – One way to restore harmony to a world destroyed by the evil spell of good fairies Winx. Collect it in pieces, each fragment finding the right place in space. When they unite, Magix reborn and transformed. A similar game of tag is also useful. Drag the squares in a confined space, put them into place, that there was a correct picture.  

This is interesting

  • There are six seasons of the animated series and feature-length animated film, two;
  • The color of the dress every fairy symbolizes the element that gives it strength;
  • In addition to the games based on Winx create a musical ice show, a series of books, a concert in the animation.


Winx phenomenon defies logic. Creators accurately captured the jet, and not on luck, but on a deep knowledge of psychology of the younger generation. At certain stages of development of a child is very responsive to a bright range of colors. Not fully formed sensory organs are showing interest is the fact that strongly distinguished from the general background to the fact that much. There are few semitones, the main characteristics of color – contrast. This attracts the attention of children. Among other things, the heroine of the series show a positive increase in our example, which is also well received by children and adolescents. Therefore, cartoons and games Winx biliviks popular.  

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