Winx games for girls

Winx games for girls

Free Online Games Winx, is a sure way to get into Magix – the magical world of fairies. You are sure to visit their school, which will gain the knowledge of secret potions and spells. With courageous heroines shlestnetsya times with representatives of the other world in the guise of evil monsters and witches. Having mastered a lesson, you will get a brand new pair of wings, which gives additional powers. They are always a pleasure to play, because these Zateinitsa like you and do not miss a fashionable new clothes or makeup color palette. They also love to dance and come up with a design for their houses.

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Winx games for girls

Cutie Winx

At the school of magic Alpheus study team members charodeek Winx Club – Fairy:

  • Blum,  
  • Stella,  
  • People,  
  • Tecna,  
  • Muse,
  • Leila.  

About their adventures told in the animated series « Winx Club », which has become so popular that it is based on a full-shot cartoons and created numerous computer games. Most of the history of beauties-fairies like girls, and therefore produced mainly Winx Games for girls. This multiple virtual salons and dress up the beauty in which you can pick up make-up and hairstyle, to create an unrivaled style of the cartoon for all participants.

Winx girls are bright make-up, because of their make-up artist to be very interesting. Here you can spend bold experiments that are difficult to decide in the real world:

  • applied to the eyelid shade of different colors  
  • rich lipstick lipstick extraordinary color
  • tinker cheeks blush shade

Become a real stylist playing games Winx

Winx games for girls Often you can use not only cosmetics, but also to change the facial features: the shape of eyebrows and lips, eye shape. Maybe because you get to create a whole new Winx heroine. Work with hairstyles fairies – too fun. In the simulations are invited to try barbershop ready styles hairstyle or make them out of several parts. For example, to attach to the Bloom fluttering head of hair to frame the face in two long strands over his forehead to create a chic bangs, and then each piece unique paint color.

You can change the hairstyle all the heroines of the Winx, while you do not necessarily repeat the cartoon patterns. Maybe Stella will approach the dark hair? As Muse will look with long curly locks? When it comes to clothes, games Winx offer almost unlimited possibilities for design creativity. There are different фасоны платьев, футболокблузок, маечек, юбок, шортов, брючек.  

Winx games for girls Legs beauties can be shod in high boots, stylish sandals, elegant shoes. Dress Up Games offer a variety of jewelry and accessories. On the cartoon characters can wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, into the hands they can take a handbag. Many are themed dress up:

  • The fairies are preparing for the wedding  
  • a party
  • a rock concert

Games Winx club established in other popular genres. For example, it can be rpg, where you go with your favorite fairy in the magical reality. In order to avoid danger and get the artifacts, the heroine use magic. New spells are opened after the success in passing the initial levels. There is also a puzzle with Winx fairies, coloring, games, with the creation of interior – all the most interesting games for girls Winx we have collected for you in this section of our site.

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