Winx Season games

Winx Season games

We offer you free online games Winx season 5, where the little fairies continue his studies in fashion, adding clothes new clothes, equip the room in pink, blue and purple style practiced in the care and flights, and do not forget to use magic, which endowed. Play with them in girls has become a tradition, but always want new items. We are constantly adding to the range, among them the search for paired images, unnecessary elements and differences. Of course, not without intriguing puzzles and razrisovok that thanks to you certainly will again be colored.

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Winx Season by Category:

Winx Season games The Animated Series « Winx Club », which focuses on a few fairies, who are fighting against the forces of evil, has won huge popularity among girls of all ages around the world. The premiere of the animated series took place in 2004, and today it came out five seasons of the animated series of 26 episodes each. It should be noted that with each new season, the number of fans and admirers of this cartoon does not decrease, but rather increases.

The New Adventures of the fifth season

In the fifth season of Winx sent to the underwater kingdom of Neptune, where one of his sons turned into an evil monster Trittanusa as a result of environmental contamination. With his staff, he transforms peaceful underwater inhabitants into horrible mutants. Now the aim is to capture all Trittanusa magical kingdom. Winx not enough own forces to cope with Trittanusom and they go in search of additional force Garmoniks Sireniks and that will turn into mermaids and fairies equalize their chances with Trittanusom in the battle for peace and justice and all the inhabitants of the underwater world of the Magic. Will the Winx fairies to deal with the villain and thwart his reign not only in the underwater world, but also in the entire magical dimension, you will learn from the fifth season of the animated series.

Computer battles in the underwater kingdom

Winx Season games Find games Winx season 5 you can have on our site. Go on a quest for the magic power that transforms the main characters in the game of mermaids will help you in this category. You a description of some of the games of this category, which you have to pay attention.


  • Mermaid Winx: Leila. Among one of the most charming fairies of Leila, who for some time has become a mermaid, you have to try to collect as many as possible jewels, dodging the predatory fish that will try to stop you to do it.
  • Makeup Bloom Winx. Prepare Bloom to scuba diving, making her the most magnificent make-up, which is not under the water will spread, putting the most suitable for underwater travel dress and pick the most beautiful decorations.
  • Dress up the girl Flora. Another game from the category of the genre odevalok games Winx Season 5. At this time starring the girl Flora, which is necessary to choose the most elegant outfit represented a set of clothes, as well as to find the most suitable for the selected costume jewelry.
  • Winx Season games Nails Design Winx. Once our fairies dressed and ready for the journey, it remains to bring order to their handles, making them a manicure. At your disposal are many different colors of lacquers, straziki and other stickers on your nails, as well as a hair dryer to quickly dry the varnish, and can be faster to experiment with different colors of paint and other decorations.

All this and much more can be found in the above section games. Most of them are suitable only for girls, but for the kids as you will find a wide variety of games with a very interesting story and impossibly simple controls. To play the game you do not need to download or install anything – All games are available on our website online, and besides, it is absolutely free. You just have to choose your favorite game from the list and it will open in your browser. So, if you like the animated series Winx, and you want to help the fairies gather in the long and dangerous journey to the underwater kingdom of Neptune, or you just want to play high-quality and interesting computer games, then welcome to the section of the game Winx season 5, which surely will bring you immense pleasure and a charge of excellent mood for a long time.

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