Lines games

Lines games

The process is known Lines game, you can say, since time immemorial, but it remains as fascinating and attractive and is now available online and free of charge. Play this fun logic and the need to train hard to achieve considerable success in moving the colored balls on the field. If you do wrong, that is not productive course, there will be more balls overlapping potential move. Only proschityvaya your actions, you will be able to collect a lot of points and become the undisputed winner among the fans of this toy.


Online games Lines are logical toys and theme three in a row. In different versions of objects you have to build up in the line, and why does the name. Drag and drop the items one by one, or release the group that she was gone, and in its place arose a new combination. In any case, you will be free to play and fun to be able to open not only the computer, but also tablets and mobile phones. It is always a colorful, juicy, radiant graphics. Objects for action are the fruit crystals, emoticons, animals, clothing and much more. Over some have to smash his head, for example, Lines 98, but children's toys simpler.

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Lines games online

just so the person is arranged that the usual and favorite things for the sake of newfangled trends refuses to work. Despite the fact that modern computer games are filled with beautiful graphics offer a multi-level action, developing the storyline and offering dynamic events, « pioneer » in the world of computer gaming industry is not going to give up their positions gained, and effectively compete with new toys, despite its primitive kind.

Games 98 lines are now always available

offering you lines 98 to play online, I want to remind you that modern electronics has reached the heights when the game allows you to play in not only personal computers but also through mobile phones and tablets. And because the Internet has become the most necessary and popular means of communication with the outside world, no longer need to download the fun and you can always connect to the network and play online.  

Some simple gameplay difficult conditions

Lines games online

Fans of logic problems know how to play lines – you just point the way colored balls on the board to build them into a single track. When this happens, they disappear, freeing storage space for further manipulation. After the coup, the new objects do not appear on the site, but if the step does not lead to the destruction of the chain, wait a chaotic appearance of new balls.

If your actions do not lead to the destruction of objects, soon the entire field is filled with colored balls and make new progress will be impossible. In this case, the game just finished and have to start again. For this purpose it is necessary to reset all the previous steps, however, it can be done at any stage, without waiting when you go into a blind alley. The only relief is the ability to undo the last step taken, if it does not suit you. The rest have to rely on the ability to make the right tactical move.

Outcome moves bring you game points and you can even set their own records. In addition to this fun, you can play the line online, in other embodiments.

Lines games online

From the classics to the present day

Modern toys look more colorful and attractive, and the alignment of objects in a row going on in different ways. Sometimes you have to drag them with the help of a computer mouse, sometimes allocate existing chain to destroy it. There is also a game where it is necessary to adjust the balls by firing them in the accumulation of the same color. Some objects are rotated about the axis, the other still. Especially exciting game balls line, endowed with a certain theme, which creates a kind of fun around an attractive aura.

For example, it is possible to travel across the seas and see the distant shores, ancient cities and mysterious country. Dived to the seabed, over time you will be offered to produce all the jewelry from sunken ships once. While some are just on the surface, it is necessary to produce other, breaking stone slabs, solid chains and other obstacles. This can be done, having made several moves in a row next to a closed object, but previously earned bonuses will help speed up the process. Bombs explode and lightning barrier mixer moves the elements, building them more successful, axes and sledge hammers to help break the defense.

The versatility of the game 98 lines

Lines games online

In line balls games adults play gamers and small players. It's a great way to spend leisure time for gambling fun, because it is very easy to get carried away. After the next level, it's hard not to continue. If at first simple, soon throws up toy serious surprises and turns into a real puzzle to solve it – matter of honor for every gamer. The basic postulates

  • Lines 98 – puzzle game;
  • The purpose – to line (lines) of five balls of the same color;
  • The game is being lined with a square 9x9 cells;
  • The beads are available in seven colors;
  • After an inconclusive progress in the field of pop three or more of the new facility;
  • According to the conditions necessary to earn more points;
  • It is possible to include a hint appearance in the box of new balls;
  • Instead of direct, you can choose the game mode with curved lines or blocks;
  • In the process of preservation is a table of records.

Popular Games Lines

Free games line have become an integral part of any home and office computer, tablet and mobile phone. Simple gameplay like mesmerizing, not letting go and forced to commit new acts. Planning to pass the current level, and interrupt, it is not always possible to do it – just hand stretches start a new phase. Today invented many original ideas that offer some fascinating history, adventure, where everything depends on the success of the passage.

Most often, the action takes place on a colorful background, pleasant music. In the settings you can adjust the volume of all sounds and melodies, and if it is necessary to respect the incognito – so that no one realized that instead of working people having fun with computer games or someone's home resting and it is better not to bother, you can easily turn off all audio tracks. From this the gameplay did not suffer, because you will have more visual delight:

  • Travelers will be delighted to visit the distant continents, delve into the jungle to explore the Cote d'Azur.  
  • Adventurers will certainly take part in the Battle of the tribes, helping them to upgrade military arsenal and magicians – fill energy force.  

Lines games online The essence of the game is simple – drag and drop objects, building them in a continuous line. The minimum number of objects in a series of – three, but it is preferable to have more. So you not only get the necessary points, but also collect artifacts much faster, and they will help you cope with a difficult situation when it arises. A striking example of such actions – Game balls line 98. Fun this can be called even tricky – after each of your steps, she throws up on the playing field the new ball, which is blocking your path, do not make a planned giving step.

Lines games online During the game balls line 98 can gain invaluable experience in management, strategy and tactics. If you master this toy, all the others seem quite simple. There are different ways to play online for free balls line. Sometimes it is necessary to fix the object in italics computer mouse and drag it to the next cell, and then let go. This course will be available if the neighboring cells are denoted by similar chips. On another occasion, I have to shoot balls from a cannon, aiming in the same color cluster in the same ball. If a group they formed more than three, they will disappear, freeing part of the field. This is very important because you need space for manipulation, and if unsuccessful block its progress, the game just completed.

Other possible games

But in the case of games like Zuma, objects do not remain fixed at the top of the screen and move spirally. You need time to catch and shoot a projectile so that it penetrated the chain running in the right place and cut it. Simple, but also a good option gameplay, especially for children, when it is necessary to look for clusters of homogeneous elements and just click on them. Disappearing, those driven other fragments, causing them to fall and crumble to take another position to form a new cluster. Sometimes the game can make a dead end, where there is no available actions, and in such cases you have the bonus artifacts that will help to get out of the situation, for example, all the pieces are mixed up on the field. A variety of games allow you to choose interesting fun on the theme of cosmetics, nature, travel, jewelry, cooking, and other monsters.

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