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Fullmetal Alchemist games

Free Online Games Metal Alchemist tells the story of Edward Elric, who is seeking the Philosopher's Stone, and beat with a homunculus. When you play, you will discover the real magic, though physical strength is necessary to apply more than once. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of character, in different situations, act accordingly. For example, Edward hates slippery surfaces as bad to them is kept. But he can jump perfectly, and often uses this ability to achieve a goal: to get the subject to avoid the damaging impact of the opponent.

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A dangerous alchemy

Fullmetal Alchemist games « Metal Alchemist » – is the name of a comic and shot on the basis of their series in the style of anime. The plot is set in the fictional world where alchemy is at the forefront of science. The main characters of the history – brothers Edward and Alphonse. After his mother died, they decided to bring her back to life with the help of the secret alchemical procedures. This is a dangerous undertaking, not only failed, but also led to the fact that Ed lost his leg, and Al, nearly died, his death saved Ed sacrificed his hand and settled in the soul Ala steel armor. Became metal being Al and Ed gets avtoprotezy went produce the Philosopher's Stone, the possession of which – One of the main objectives of the external section of alchemy, because he is able to turn any metal into gold and to give its owner eternal life.

A variety of Fullmetal Alchemist games

On the way to the mythical treasure brothers faced many exciting adventures. Events of anime and comic books were the basis of computer toys. For example, there are Action, in which one of the brothers traveling on virtual locations, leaping over precipices on platforms and collecting artifacts. Some of the platforms are stable, and need only to land successfully on them, while others are activated, if the desired flight to pick up a coin, but there are those who disappear, then reappear. Once all of the artifacts have been collected, the hero will get the Philosopher's Stone.

Fullmetal Alchemist games Some of the games in the series « Metal Alchemist » made in the form of puzzles – Edward hands over state examination, a task which – place sacred symbols in the circle transform according to certain rules. This is similar to sudoku puzzles – because here in a separate section should contain all the characters from the set, and they should not be repeated in circles and large parts of the figure.

Games Fullmetal Alchemist sometimes offer to become a master of alchemy and create new material by mixing together the individual elements. For example, in the game you need to fill the empty world of new objects:

  • mountains  
  • Plants  
  • Animal  

To this end, a set of elements selected components that are over-tighten a circle change and transform into something new. So, out of the fire, and the earth produced stones, and stone, and the air is converted into the sand. There is also a puzzle in which it is necessary to connect the elements in a particular sequence. On the playing field contains colored section, and the top of the screen shows the desired combination. Repeat it can be the mouse, creating a continuous line between the desired sections. Such a procedure would bring a certain amount of gold earned on the bonus account. Gradually, the combination will be more complicated. Try these and other games with the characters « Metal Alchemist » on our website!

Features « Metal Alchemist »

Good entertainment, created based on the famous TV series – This game Fullmetal Alchemist. The basis for these games is a comic book come from Japan Full Metal Alchemist. All fans and fans of the story will certainly appreciate its continuation in the online games. The main hero – is Edward Elric, and the player has to help him search for the philosopher's stone, and stand in the fight against the homunculus. For this purpose, in order to achieve the set goals, you can use the physical forces and capabilities wizard. The game also has another main hero – Alphonse is – Brother Edward. Both these characters are endowed with good and bad features. Plus for Edward – is the ability to jump high, and the disadvantage is that it glides over any surface. Alfonso opposite – on his feet he is confident, but he is incredibly slow and not agile. For these are the two brothers find the philosopher's stone is not in the desire to get rich, but to go back into their bodies, which were lost as a result of the terrible experiments of alchemists.

Fullmetal Alchemist games In the game Fullmetal Alchemist has several levels, going through that, you need to find and collect the coins. Your success in the game will be accompanied by the opportunity to build their alchemical experiments and tests take place when searching for incredible stone. The controls are very simple – using arrows and space bar. You can find two versions of this game:

  • The first mode is called the company and its story is completely similar to the plot of the series, and all the characters and events are completely out of it borrowed.  
  • The second option is called the mode of the characters and it has the basic plot of the film is not transferred, but there is an opportunity to deal with rivals and to choose any of the six proposed characters that are different from Edward and abilities.  

The game is based on the plot of the series has continued and this means that it is relevant and popular. You can further explore the world of the mysterious alchemy with his brothers. In this game, the action begins in the city of Lior in the desert. Unknown and terrible creatures attack the brothers, when they open a secret cult. As a result, the brothers are determined to save mankind and to deal with the disappearance of a large number of people. Continuation of the game Fullmetal Alchemist enables Edward and Alphonse interact with each other to fight the enemy more effectively. Each version of the game Fullmetal Alchemist interesting and exciting, and our entertainment portal they are available to you for free. Play and enjoy!

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