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Evil Wyrm

Dragons - the mysterious and mystical creatures that once lived in our world. Many legends are connected with this winged people, but they all agree in one. Dragons often had enormous wealth and guarded them. Today Evil Wyrm game we will dive with you in one of these legends. The protagonist of this game a young adventurer Oliver. Like something from a guild of jewelers it has received a large order for the theft of diamonds, which are located in the dungeon that guards the evil and bloodthirsty Dragon Wyrm. Our hero has agreed to do the job for a large reward. I gathered he went down to the dungeon and began his dangerous journey. We are to keep him company and help in this exciting adventure. Our task to run part of the way by collecting the stones so that we would not see the dragon. To do this, we will use the features of the landscape of the cave. After all, there are a variety of niches and ledges behind which you can hide that dragon would not have noticed. Carefully study the sections of the road and as soon as the dragon distracted quickly run to the place where he will not see. Along the way, collect the gems and overcome various obstacles and traps. With each new stage of complexity will increase, but we are sure that you can easily pass all the tests. Game Evil Wyrm has a very interesting storyline from the first minutes that will keep us in suspense. And the fact that it is based on HTML5 technology will enable us to enjoy the game on any of your device. So just visit our site and open it in any browser. Prove that you are the most clever and intelligent player, earn as many points and go to the end of Evil Wyrm.
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