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Matrix games

To play free online games Matrix, do not need to swallow pills color – we will miss you in this world and so surreal. Be sure everything is present, as evidenced by clashes between machines and Neo. Although it is likely that you cheated again committed computers, and you are again in the land of dreams. In order not to guess, try to deal with the enemies that attack you from rooftops, from the corner, from heaven, and those who are not afraid to speak openly. Feel like a hero, tasked to save people from the illusory dream and bring a real life.

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Dream or reality?

Matrix games online What is reality? What is happening to us and around us - you will answer. But can we be sure one hundred percent that this is not an illusion? Sometimes our dreams are so realistic, that the understanding of dreams comes just after waking up. So why are you so sure that now you do not sleep or someone plunged into a coma on purpose? To understand whether this is not a dream, you say: « pinch me ». But in my dreams you are plausible in the same way as in reality, there is:

  • The flavor and taste of
  • Pain  
  • joy
  • mount
  • fear and pleasure

Matrix games online What makes you think that what is happening here and now is not a figment of your imagination? Wachowski brothers, who are the screenwriter and director of the trilogy « », Matrix thinking on these issues and developed the idea that the audience came to taste. In 1999, May 31 cinema screens of America came the first film where the hacker Neo uncovered a plot of cars that came from the power of man. By learning to think for themselves, they turn people into sleeping puppets, invented for them a virtual reality that was so convincing that was perceived real life. In the dream, people go to work, fall in love, make mistakes and build a career, family, and wound up losing them. As before, they entertained hopes, made plans, and got hurt in the accident, achieved fame and success in science and personal life. And they had no idea that all this « bubble », a substitute for reality. Having absolute power over humanity, robots fed electrical impulses of people using them for their own charge. And only a few people managed to escape from captivity and confront this newly formed system.

The film turned out to be excellent food for thought ordinary citizens and the authors of comics, anime and those who create the game matrix. Since the film is full of events, it is easy to draw ideas for new products. The virtual space has become our second home and it is natural that the MMORPG genre gives us The Matrix Online – game from Sega / Warner Bros Interactive. In this world, gamers will explore the metropolis and its four regions – International, slums, and Heath Center. Those who are familiar with a similar direction of gameplay already know that their hero in the course of events will carry out tasks and to undergo changes, as well as to change the world around them, to write the history of an individual.

Unknown Worlds Game Matrix

Matrix games online Shiny Entertainment in 2003 released a single-player the enter the toy Matrih, echoes the reboot and The Animatrix – Anime collection that was created for the movie plot. The main heroes of the game are Niobe and Ghost – Characters supporting roles reboot. Each of the action hero has an individual character and abilities. Making the choice in favor of one of them, you send gameplay along different paths of development. When on the subjects they intersect, a second character controlled by the computer. In addition to these two, you will meet the other participants in the event, among which Neo and Morpheus.

Those who wish to become self Neo, even pay attention to the shooter 3D – The Matrix: Path ° F Neo, which was released in 2005 and is owned by Shiny Entertainment. Lack of confrontation and will not even have to measure themselves with a mechanical mind. There are waiting for challenging assignments and missions, improving the characteristics of the character through the accumulation of experience.

In addition, games matrix – This flash toy, which is full of fights and shooting ability to play alone or staying alone.

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