Hello Kitty games

Hello Kitty games

Hello Kitty games online like girls who do not pass by such a cute cat that was born in Japan. For a long time it was the logo of a variety of things, but now you can free to play with her in the virtual fun, learning different ways of communicating. We offer a pick up for the beautiful fluffy dress, exercise, go for a walk. She has many friends, and you can pick and odezhku them. Help her to set up your home and garden, paint the puzzle and fold. You will spend time entertaining and interesting, when there is so dear lady.

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A small, snow-white cat Kitty, who is very fond of soft color tones, managed to conquer the hearts of kids and their parents.

The story of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty games She was born in Japan, and her father in 1974 became Shintaro Tsuji. Coming up with her, he wanted her to love every regardless of gender and age, and because of the way he worked long and hard. Whenever Shintaro thought that you can stay, he conducted an experiment studying consumer reaction to the new brand. And if it finds the result of unsatisfied, work continued.

The name cat also had a small hitch. Shintaro Tsuji could not decide which option is best: « Kitty White » or « Hello Kitty ». But given that the first version is reflected in a fairy tale « Alice in Wonderland », where a cat named exactly the same way, he decided to avoid such associations and stopped on behalf of « Hello Kitty ».

Kitty brand has appeared on a variety of products and has attracted the attention of consumers. But as time passed, and the first wave of excitement has subsided. It is time to indifference. To re-enhance the interest of buyers, to develop a new design attracted Yuko Yamaguchi.

The Transfiguration little kitties

Female approach affected quickly. Soon cats have changed appearance, and she started a family. Now she has gone dark outline of the profile, and she stood up to face us. Also, her legs and then turn different objects, she got rid of the blue jumpsuit, dressed up in a pink dress and acquired a lot of interesting new things that are extracts from time to time from your wardrobe.

The family Kitty

Hello Kitty games Pussy became much closer to people more because the family has acquired – Mimmi sister, grandparents, parents. There were her friends – bunny My Melody, sheep Fifi, Chokoketa and Pets – Shablіu pig, hamster and Sugar kitten Charmmy Kitty.

Where it can be found

Today Kitty is known not only in Japan but around the world Po. In our shops you can also see the whole departments, where children's clothes, backpacks, cookware, clothing, school supplies can be seen pretty cat muzzle with prominent mustache. She became the heroine of comic books, cartoons, and with it go Hello Kitty games online.

Hobby cat and games Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty games This cat loves to ski, roller skating and cycling. As children, it is very mobile and likes to be the center of attention. And what can best attract the attention, but bright and stylish clothes? That is why, talking to her, the girls will be able to choose a new odezhku for every occasion and send Kitty a walk in the park, sporting event, a meeting with friends or a glamorous party.

In the style of Kitty can arrange the dishes and garnish with her cat image or choose interior bedroom. As near as cute creature, it is difficult to stay in a bad mood, a, if this happened, let's try to treat yourself sweetly. Go to the kitchen and together with our cook chocolate cake crumbs, his beautiful cream colored roses and berries – delicious.

Kitty Games online collection of puzzles – great pastime for the logic of fun. To know that this time conceived our mischievous, connect all the pieces of the puzzle together, and you will see a picture with her image.

Yet it is possible to arrange and complete the evening drawing in black and white outline flowers, to make them more happy. And wanting to go for a walk, get ready to collect bonuses and solve puzzles.

Even games « three in a row » created based on the kitty, and is now available to spend their leisure time with her even more pleasure. Just open any game direction, and you find yourself in a virtual world of adventure Kitty.

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