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Gravity games

to play free online games Gravity, you need to know about gravity required minimum. Imagine that you are in an open space and must complete a certain task. In weightlessness calculate the motion of objects can not be, it's like water – set the direction of the ball, he still will not move in a straight line, and in accordance with the current and wind. The rate will also depend on external conditions. Those games that are presented to you, offer similar conditions. It is difficult to foresee the place of falling objects, but need to send it to a certain point.

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Gravity games The gaming industry is constantly offering users new ideas, and the unusual process controls and storyline, the greater the chance that the game will appeal to a large number of players. Easy controls are no longer tempted by experienced gamers – Give them the difficulties that can be overcome. Taking into account the wishes of the players and trying to please them, developers create games with complex scenes and logic, which require not only the laws of thinking, concentration, good memory and spatial vision and knowledge of the laws of physics and mathematics. It is to such concerns Gravity Games, and that version is our website in this category.

Gravity games How to play the game Gravity

Defayd Gravity (Gravity Defied) was published recently – in 2005 and was designed for mobile phones. The meaning of the game is to go through a difficult bike trails, filled with steep ascents and descents, cracks and failures. Scenery follow each other quickly, almost unexpectedly, but this game is all wins and looks attractive. The aim of the game is predictable – get to the finish without dying and not to cause damage to the bike, which will be the cause of his failure.

By creating this game, the developers have made sure that it acted in the basic laws of physics and mechanics. Such a filling made the game unique and unique. In order to able to drive a motorcycle on a steep hill, it is necessary to take into account the effect of sliding, acceleration and friction. The situation is similar with the descent, or jumping over obstacles. Trying to keep his balance, it seems that all these factors are felt on the physical level.   The popularity of this product led to the fact that based on it began to create similar games, and now, to play in Gravity, you can choose among a variety of subjects. Even the force of gravity in space or artificially created circumstances is an additional obstacle to be reckoned with.   These games are popular with players of all ages and for them Gravity games a good time, releasing an arrow from a bow, sending balls of a certain trajectory in space or under water. You can even play in the pool underwater, where, as we know, water is constantly changing direction and speed, which are difficult to predict, that resembles the conditions of extraterrestrial space.

We keep the situation under control

By moving one of the subjects within the field of play, set the direction of the object at a certain angle, but do not forget about the power and acceleration. On the way will be the subject of obstacles that will change the trajectory of its flight when confronted with them, so do not forget about them. During such a collision, the object will float and ricocheted to the other side. Considering these points, you have to consciously direct it in such a way as to achieve the desired effect. During the flight, you can attach an additional object direction and acceleration, but to respond to changing circumstances, it is necessary immediately. In different games playing field may look different, or to change from level to level. Sometimes it randomly placed obstacles, and sometimes it is quite logical thought maze. Getting to play Gravity, you have to pre-configure itself in a positive way, because the shutter speed and skill play an important role in the process.

Gravity games The graphics in these games often looks rather simplistic, but it is possible to give an excuse – less distracted by unnecessary details, the better you will pass all the way from the start to win. Play Gravity interesting and useful. Play Gravity on your computer or mobile phone can be a trip or a short break.

In each game, a little beyond the scope of classical genres or introducing in them something new, already in a short time, there are admirers. This is precisely the fate of the game series Gravity. In the early meet them owners of mobile phones in which it was installed by default. And she was able to fully compete with the legendary snake and familiar   nym billiards. Then, quite naturally, Gravity entered into the world of online games. True, true fans argue that the best games of this type, with the most user-friendly controls and realistically created simulated physical objects are still available exclusively for mobile. In the comments under online version of the game unfold lengthy discussion on how best to play Gravity: from a computer or mobile phone. The answer is still unknown. But one thing is certain – This game is addictive.

Even unpretentious Gravity with three planets, one of which should be used as the ball, and the other as the basket, where he was required to throw. But not all so simple. Here is not just flat images, which suffer little player, help him to quickly find standard solutions. Each planet, through the efforts of developers, the weight, volume and its special gravity (of it, obviously, and there is the name of the game). In the fall of the ball from one planet to another are taken into account many parameters related to such disciplines as physics. For example, the acceleration of gravity. For some, those words will blow boredom and the school curriculum, and someone will throw frantically search for the right solution. It is designed to last and Gravity, as a toy is not easy, requires dexterity and precise movements, combined with the thinking and calculations almost in physical formulas. That deceptive simplicity Gravity and pushes away from it those who just wanted to spend time. And this game will inevitably make you think. It is in this ambiguous phenomenon popularity Gravity, which is a favorite game.  

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