Penalty games

Penalty games

Football was football there, football will always be! All the generations of men enjoy the contemplation of what is happening on the pitch. But championships are not so often, and so rooting for your favorite team, you can, if you play free online games Penalty. Kick the ball from the penalty distance of the gate makes quiet down pending the outcome. Spectators forget to breathe, clenched their fists and pray for good luck for your player, and when he skillfully puts the ball into the net, people are jumping, hugging, jumping and shouting with excitement, just like children.

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Penalty online games Note: the ball!

Many football fans like to watch the penalty. It is a very tense moment in which alone the goalkeeper out erring teams and players of the opposing team. In an attacking player has a good chance to score a goal: it between the gate and the ball are no obstacles except the goalkeeper agility and speed. Penalties are appointed not only for violation of the rules in the penalty area: a series of strikes could decide the outcome of the match, when the teams were unable to determine the winner of any ground or in extra time of the match.

Many computer simulations of football competitions based solely on hammering penalty. Such a penalty free game online provide the opportunity to score the goal of different teams, playing for his favorite football club or national team. A racing herein may be embodied in the form of a tournament. You choose your team and the program randomly determines the opponent for you in 1/8 final. Having won in a penalty shootout, you go into the quarterfinals, slowly making his way to the final.

Feel like a great football player, playing games Penalty

Penalty online games Penalty online games Most often offer a penalty shoot setting two parameters: the strength and direction of impact. This is done sequentially. For example, the first indicates which side of the run up to the ball football, and then constantly running scale is determined by how powerful it will blow. To win in these games, you need to score a certain number of goals in a limited number of attempts – for example, three goals in five sets. Game Rules Football penalty describe clearly. But some games for boys penalty show as changed. Here, for example, the ball is not in a static position, and rolled by a football player. The player will have to choose the right angle and the opportune moment to strike, just wipe and cut around the leg while still quite clever goalkeeper.

In other amusements virtual penalty implemented in the style of punching a free kick – so add dynamics and complexity are interesting: it may be a few players of the opposing team, which cover the trajectory of a strike. Sometimes they are in the wall, and sometimes constantly running from left to right. It may also change the initial position of the ball. Some games for boys Soccer penalty offer not score, and beat, controlling the actions of the virtual block. In these versions of the game can be made even of humor: to win you need to not only catch the ball, but ignore other objects flying into the net. A variety of games are available for free Penalties in this section of our site. Enjoying them, do not forget that a truly great pleasure from football can be obtained by scoring the only goal in the real real real gate to the field.

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