Game Penalty Shooters 2 online

Game Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Today we will introduce you to the game Penalty Shooters 2. In it, we will dive again with you in the world of football. After all, so many people in the world love the sport and always cheer for their favorite teams. Today, we had the unique opportunity to select your favorite team to participate in the European Football Championship. At the beginning of the game select your favorite team and qualifying group. After placing the team in the standings, will start the match itself. It will consist of a penalty shootout. If the results of goals scored and conceded, you lose the team out of the tournament. Your players will go on the field and kick the goal. Your task is to choose the trajectory and force of impact and break through on goal. If all goes well you will score a goal. After your player will replace a player of the opposing team. Now you do your task to fight off the enemy's blow. As soon as you see the impact point of the ball immediately click on her arm. If you have time to discourage the ball, make a mistake you will score a goal. Game Penalty Shooters 2 has a fascinating story and will be enjoyed by all players who love the game associated with the world of football. Beautiful graphics and music create an indescribable atmosphere of the game and help you to pass more than one hour of your free time.
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