Game Euro Penalty 2016 online

Game Euro Penalty 2016

Euro Penalty 2016

In the game Euro Penalty 2016 we will dive with you into the world of fascinating battles of football. After all, a lot of people really love the sport worldwide. Many people know without exception known to the team and of course the players. Have you ever wanted to play for the Cup Euro in one team and lead it to victory? Thanks to Euro Penalty 2016 game you have a chance. At the beginning of the game, select a team for which you play. Then you distribute the tournament grid in certain qualifying group. Remember that the game goes Shootout and if you lose the relegation from the Championship. The game will go on the penalty spot. Come out to the field and knock the ball accurately opponent. At the bottom you will see two sliders. The first corresponds to what side of the gate you will be beaten. The second of the height of the ball, and the third well of the force of impact. If you do everything correctly align it to score and earn points. After your stroke will beat your opponent. Now you are the goalkeeper and your task is to hit the ball. Before you will be a blow for a second which will beat the opponent. You have to react quickly to click the mouse in this place, and then you will block the ball. If you make a mistake then you miss a goal. The winner is the one who scored the match most goals. Thanks to the victory, you will be taken to the next place in the standings. Be attentive and focused and win the European Cup. Penalty Game Euro 2016 likely to appeal to all football fans. It is designed with the use of HTML5 technologies that will give you the opportunity to play it on any device. So install it yourself and dive into the fascinating world of football competitions. If you want to just play it on our site opened in any of your browsers.
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