The Fixies games

The Fixies games

The flat Dim Dimycha colored men live. No, he's not crazy and did not see Martians and discovered the secret of electronic home appliances. It turns out that they live colored kids who quickly fix problems if they occur. You get to know them and you started playing free online games Fixico. Crumbs also build family and go to school. Each character is easily recognizable by the demeanor and appearance. By collecting puzzles, racing and painting the pictures, you will find the ILSA, Papusa, Dedus, Simcoe, and Werth Shula, toe and Fire. You are coming gay event in an unusual company.

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Funny Fixies games

The Fixies games « men Warranty » - The story of Eduard Uspensky, became an excellent material for the creation of the animated series « Fixico », which appeared due to the studio « Aeroplan » in 2010. Remarkably, it is not a copy of the foreign product, and completely unique idea. I must say that came out just fine – kind and humor teamed up to teach the kids many important things. Even adults watch cartoon series with pleasure, indulging in nostalgia, remembering the Soviet animation. For children it is a real gift, because it is very important that they have had sweet memories of home entertainment products. This is a tiny little man – Fixico, who live in a variety of consumer electronic things, watching their serviceability, immediately taking measures in case of an unexpected breakdown.

Everything happens in the apartment where he lives year-old boy – Dim Dimych with their parents. He has pets:

  • spider (or bug) on ​​behalf of the Beetle,
  • dog clippers Chihuahua.  

The family also Fixico nine persons, brightened different colors:

  • Dad, he's Papus – Green;  
  • Masya mom all of a pink;
  • grandfather Fixico survivor Dedus,
  • their children, it's toe color of the sky that is blue,  
  • daughter Simca orange hue.  

Present classmates and friends Simcoe:

  • Red Fire,  
  • The Y purple,  
  • Green Werth,  
  • Shula yellow.  

entertained with The Fixies games

The Fixies games In order to meet these heroes, we invite you to play games Fixico free, so you can get acquainted with them and take part in different aspects of their life. Believe me, they are not obsessed with work and love to have fun, as called for and you, because when it's done, it's time fun. Go with them on the ice rink and play air hockey. Management here is very simple, and the rules you please. Just point the computer mouse platform to where the ball falls smoothly. Repulsed from the surface, it will fly up, and when it reaches the color The Fixies games bricks will break them one by one with each new takeoff. Just see that he did not fall past the platform, otherwise you'll have to replay the level again.

The next time Fixico games online free invite you to the racetrack, where the characters personally assembled track. They did, and a radio-controlled car, and now trained to manage it, and then to perform in competitions. They have no experience in such a case, so your help will be useful. To properly rehearse the upcoming competitions, go nine laps in a row, where necessary provided obstacles and difficult turns. But perhaps the most dangerous adventure they started, going into space, and to accompany them, begin soon Fixico games to play for free. You find yourself in a difficult situation, being in the center of the cluster of asteroids. Well, that took care Fixico strengthen the armor of the ship, and now he has nothing to worry about any punches. In flight, you can direct it in different directions and even turn around its axis. Flying machine very quickly, but if you slow down a bit, will be able to keep up to shoot out of a cannon on the stones to break them earn game points. Also, you will certainly enjoy the game for girls Fixico where you have to collect colorful puzzles while learning another fun and heroic history. In addition, each version of the game online for free Fixico presented for the attention of the players that they really loved the little people of different colors that selflessly care for household appliances.

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