Game Blonde Princess Magic Tailor online

Game Blonde Princess Magic Tailor

Game Blonde Princess Magic Tailor online.

The game Blonde Princess Magic Tailor, we introduce ourselves to you with Molly. This is a young girl who lives in the capital of the fairy kingdom, and is engaged in tailoring. Seeing her enthusiasm for her father bought for her room where she was able to open her salon tailoring. But first we must give everything in order. On the left we will see a panel with a list of objects that are scattered around the room, and we need to find them. To do this, inspect the room and find them carefully. Once you find the object, click on it and it will be transferred to the toolbar and get a note that was found. After searching for picking up a broom will sweep all the garbage and wash the floors. When I finished with the cleaning our heroine wanted to sit back and relax, but what was her surprise when she went to the salon and ordered the princess dresses tailoring. Now our heroine have to really work hard and not lose face. For a start it will remove measurements from the princess and the cutting material. Once everything is ready, it will wear a princess dress and a needle will make adjustment. After pick up decorations to the dress and sew them to him. When finished with the dress helps to make the princess styling and behold, it is zakazchitsa with a satisfied smile and a new dress. Game Blonde Princess Magic Tailor is well thought-out game scenario and rather colorfully traced graphics. Opening Blonde Princess Magic Tailor on our website you will be able to stay in the role of a dressmaker and have fun playing this exciting game.