Game Treasures of Atlantis online

Game Treasures of Atlantis

Game Treasures of Atlantis online.

All of us are with you in the childhood heard the legend of the mysterious island of Atlantis state. According to legend this island was submerged by the eruption of a volcano buried a lot of secrets. In modern times, many scientists were looking for the location of this mysterious island. Today, the game Treasures of Atlantis we are acquainted with a young scientific Jill. She spent a lot of time on research and the search for and here it got old artifact consisting of precious stones. If it is possible to solve it, we will open the location of the island. Doing this is quite simple. artifact inside which there is a lot of stones will be displayed on the screen before us. Some of them are similar to each other. You need to carefully examining their location to build a similar gems in a row at least three pieces. As soon as we will combine items, they will disappear from the screen and we get points for that game. To go to the next level you need for the allotted time to get a certain number of points. We believe that you will be able to unravel the mystery of the artifact and help our heroine. Game Treasures of Atlantis is quite interesting and is written using HTML5 technology. This will give you the opportunity to open the Treasures of Atlantis on our site to play it on any device. So sit back and enjoy the game.