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Checkers Classic

The game Checkers Classic developers have prepared us a surprise. We plunge you into the world of exciting table games and play checkers. This kind of game come to us from ancient times and is widespread throughout the world, simply has a name in every country. It played many famous kings, kings and scholars - in fact, this game is designed to develop the intellect and strategic thinking. The bottom line is quite simple. Two men play checkers in different colors mounted on opposite sides of the playing field. The course is only diagonally one square. In this game, the battle is not mandatory so a substitute figure under attack or make it strategically for yourself, suddenly it gives you the ability to destroy several enemy figures. Back can not be beat, but if you spend the figure on the side of the enemy you can get a"king"she and only she can hit back. The game is won when all opponent's checkers when killed or disabled and can not make more than one turn. Enjoy your battles. Game Checkers Classic developed using HTML5 technology that gives you the opportunity to play on any modern device. The developers have tried to create a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere comfortable for your game. We also want to note that the play Checkers Classic can not only against the computer, but also against the other player. So that will advise it to your friends and invite them to this cool game.
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