Game Pyramid Solitaire online

Game Pyramid Solitaire

Game Pyramid Solitaire online.

Pyramid is one of the most popular solitaires, it is spectacular and fascinating. The essence of the card puzzle is to disassemble the pyramid that towers before you. According to the rules, you can clean up two cards, the sum of which is thirteen points. Numerical values ​​are mostly marked on the cards, and for the pictures the following designations are conventionally accepted: jack - 11, lady - 12, ace - 1. The king can move one card. This Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire will require you to take care and make decisions, on their correctness depends on the successful solution of the problem. Pyramid is a treacherous solitaire, it is not always collected from the first time, do not worry, if it did not work out, try again.