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Game Skyscraper Solitaire

Skyscraper Solitaire

Skyscrapers - a person of megacities, the building grow up, because there is no opportunity to build breadth. Countries are competing in height constructed buildings and is leading the skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It has one hundred and sixty-three floors, its height is 828 meters. Generally considered a skyscraper building in which the offices are located, or residential, height of not less than one hundred and fifty meters, and the above mentioned tower belongs to the category of mega-high. The Skyscraper Solitaire game you will be covered by the construction elements of the cards. It is shaped like a pyramid and you start to disassemble its foundation with the help of the deck, located at the bottom. Open the first map and search among the public on the pyramid Palu, which is higher or lower rank by one. Your coups and right action will open a number of bonuses: gold card, the possibility of opening any, chain and joker. You can use them in the game, to quickly complete the level in the game Skyscraper Solitaire, keeping within the time frame.
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