Point games online

Point games online

The first points of the game took place on the paper in the box, but now you can play for free online. The original version of the capture condition puts foreign territory via points – they must be surrounded by objects of the enemy, denying him the possibility of stroke. Another entertainment option for kids too familiar to children's magazines, which was a task to connect the dots in order, and then the image will appear. We also have a similar job in the range. Some are available for the little ones, but the more complicated version suitable valid, experienced players. To process was interesting, you will be entertained by cartoon characters and cute faces.

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The history and the idea of ​​the game points

Point games online Point games online In the early eighties of the last century have arisen point games were played on a normal notebook sheet. There is an opinion that served as the impetus ancient Chinese game Go, which originated before our era, but this has gained popularity in the twentieth century, occupying niche intellectual fun. Rumor has it that in Europe do not fully understand the intricacies of the rules of the game Go, and so there was a point in the game. Another view argues that point, it is a lightweight version of Guo. But we are absolutely not important cause of new puzzle fun, as much fun to just play it.

When you open this category, you see, there are several options. This is due to the fact that the original game did not create clear rules in addition to the main – to surround his opponent point. When there is no clear guidance for action, people are starting to experiment, to invent new or additional ways of moves. So there is a variety that is always perceived favorably adherents gaming trends, allowing them to choose the vending version.

In class and recess the kids quickly learn new systems ispisyvaya notebooks with colored dots, lines and shapes. Game points are calculated on the two parties, and each armed with a pencil or pen other than an enemy colors. The fight is conducted on cells bordered paper and put their point of intersection in turn. The tactic aims to encircle the point of his opponent, and then put them into a square or polygon. Who would be more such areas captured, he will be the winner. There is no capacity to give in, that is, to pass the course, but by mutual agreement when opponents do not see sense to continue the match, the game can be interrupted. In ordinary circumstances, it ends when the field is left more space for turns. If a player wishes to leave the game, and the second insists on continuing, while the latter alone can make their actions, concluding of the enemy prisoner for so long that, while you can, and in the final declared himself the winner.

This is interesting ..

Point games online Judging by the fact that on the game at the point began to hold competitions, she said, after a certain oblivion again gaining momentum. So, in 2006 in the Crimea for the first time in the history of this fun tournament was held offline. However, it has taken part in only six people, but the winner is known – they became Nicholas Ermak. One year later, the international tournament, but online, which brought together 32 participants from Germany, Ukraine and Russia. Unfortunately, it has not been completed, which greatly saddened many organizers and participants. This is not stalled and in 2010 26 December I. Geiko from Dnepropetrovsk assembled a team of game points. A year later, five teams and more than 25 people and took part in the new competition.

Gradually point games are becoming more popular. Computer version full of suggestions, which have options with classical lined with sheets in a cage, but the kids can always choose a bright and attractive plot, for example, to help the king to expand their excavation of ownership. You also do not want to give up their land, and that's ensued a war for territory. Biting on a piece of land from each other, you either expand your hearth and home, or else they lose. Each version of the game point, it is a battlefield, where there is a capture of prisoners and territories. That field can be a sheet of paper or The drawing inside the two-sided pyramid. Place the point of connecting their lines, and do not let their defeat.

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