Hercules games

Hercules games

A long time ago the gods came down to earth people and left their descendants. These children were strong, fearless and beautiful. Any parent would be proud of such sons and daughters. These stories are preserved in the legends that we can retell them and play free online games Hercules. Before you brave antique hero whose strength throws enemies tremble. He loves to show it, and at the Olympics always wins, speaking at the scene. Now it's your turn to take the lead in the face of the athlete and prove the power of fists. But first find it the appropriate attire, and when the wins, the rest of the collection of the puzzle.

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Hercules games Hercules games There is probably no people in the world who would not know who the Hercules. However, for the youngest members of our site and for those who perhaps are not familiar with it, we will update. Hercules (or Heracles) – is an ancient Greek hero myths and legends. The son of the god of the sky, thunder and lightning of Zeus and Hera. What he gained such immense popularity in contrast to the rest of the gods? According to the stories, Hercules possessed incredible strength, as evidenced by the famous 12 labors of Hercules, which describes his incredible courage and strength. Today, the name of Hercules connect everything where they want to emphasize the strength of any properties of the object, with his participation created cartoons, cartoons, filmmaking, it developed a huge number of both large and mini-games for various gaming platforms. The first mention of Hercules in the global film industry dates back to the end of the 60s, when the Italian was released the first film about the exploits of the great Hercules. The most popular Hercules brought the cartoon and the animated series about the adventures of a hero who came in 1997 and 1998 by Walt Disney. They describe the incredible adventures of Hercules in Olympia. In contrast to the full-length animated film, in the animated series tells the adventures of Hercules in adolescence. Many of the characters were fictional, in fact, like the plot of each series. On motives of the animated series in the future game developers have released a large number of games with the participation of Hercules and other cartoon characters.

Yes, come to you gods of Olympus!

  • Hercules – poluchelovekom is a demigod. Hercules has an incredible force, however, it is rather awkward and clumsy, because of what is often with him there are various funny situations. He is very kind and each series is fighting evil forces.  
  • Icarus – unfabled cartoon character with fictional history. According to legend, Icarus with his father Daedalus in the hope of learning to fly down to the ground in one of the attempts. However, in the history of the creators of the cartoon, he did not crash, but only scorched sympathetic minds, which is why in the animated series looks a little crazy. However, he likes to construct a variety of gizmos to help him in the adventures of Hercules. In love with Cassandra.
  • Hercules games Hercules games Cassandra – like Icarus, it is the best friend of Hercules. Prophetess, has the gift of the predictions of various unpleasant situations. He knows that she is in love Icarus, however, does not feel to it mutual feelings.
  • Pegasus – where are the battle but without the trusty steed. Hercules flying horse, which he presented to his father Zeus in early childhood, making it out of the clouds.
  • Zeus – father of Hercules. God of thunder and lightning often gives him various useful tips, as well as sometimes helps in difficult situations.
  • Philoctetes – coach of Hercules and other heroes.
  • Hades – the main rival of Hercules and the villain in the animated series. Its purpose is to destroy Hercules, who is his nephew, and become the king of Olympus.
  • Panic and Pain – two demon helper Aida. Clueless little Madden, who often can not properly fulfill the order of his superior, for which he received from him « to nuts ».  

Games Hercules

We are always in search of entertainment and on our website you will find online games a variety of games Hercules. Despite the fact that virtually no female cartoon characters, Hercules game, absolutely suitable for all children and adults. You are interested in adventures, qualitatively traced the characters and convenient and enjoyable gameplay. The Hercules game you can play directly on the site, without installing anything and without downloading because of flash technology. In addition, games are available for free! All you need – This free time and a desire to have a great quality and it. Free Games Hercules are waiting for you, and in your hands depends the fate of the Olympus.

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