Game Solitaire Quest online

Game Solitaire Quest

Game Solitaire Quest online.

For all players who love a variety of card solitaire, we want to introduce a new game from the company's Solitaire Quest Softgames. It writers have tried to collect several types of fairly common FreeCell solitaire and build the plot of the game in the form of the passage of the quest chain. Our main character Teddy Bear lives on one of the islands in the archipelago, which is located in dreamland. He always wanted to visit the main island where the capital of his country, that would wander through its streets and see all the sights of the city. How then he got a magic deck of cards and an ancient scroll which said that people gathered Solitaire magical portal will be able to travel from island to island. Our hero is very happy, and built himself a rough route map of the kingdom. Now it remains only to collect solitaire. Let's help him in this. So in front of us on the board cards will be placed in the center. Some of them will lie so that the picture on them, we will not see. Others lie on top-up pictures. Below deck it is situated aid and one open card certain dignity. Our task to transfer cards from the board. This can be done by imposing card or seniority or reduction. For example, you can put on the ten or Jacks or nine. In this way, you will gradually dismantle a bunch of cards. If you run out of moves, you can draw a card from the deck support. Once you clear the field, you will be given goggles and you'll be taken to the next level. Be careful and you will succeed and our hero to realize his dream. Game Solitaire Quest has collected in itself the most interesting of all kinds of solitaire, and because of this has a pretty interesting story that will capture the players from the first minute of the game. Play Solitaire Quest can be online from our website on any device, because it is designed in HTML5 platform. So open the game and dive into the fascinating world of solitaires.