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Game Western Solitaire

Western Solitaire

Before us is a new exciting game that Western Solitaire immerse you in the world of desktop card games. This game is a game of solitaire and help develop your attentiveness and logical thinking. Rules of the game are quite simple. Before us on the game board will lie face-down cards. On top of each stack will lie open card. On the right we see a stack of cards help. Our goal moving cards to build them in a decrease from ace to deuce. At the same red suit lies on black and vice versa. If we miss the open deck of cards that help is on the right in the corner of the screen. The collected cards from Ace to move upward Do you realize what would go through the game it is necessary to completely disassemble the deck that are on the playing field. In the game you can choose difficulty mode that will make you sweat to solve puzzles. Game Western Solitaire is beautifully painted design or bad music. It is designed for players of any age, and like any fan unfolding solitaire. Plus Western Solitaire is written using HTML5 technology, which makes it possible to play it on any modern device. Enjoy the game and the time!
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