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Ultraman games

Manga, anime and free game Ultramen - the story of the young Hikari designed to defend the people against the alien enemy monsters. He is endowed with a special power through high-tech suits, are transferred to the generation of heroes who are ready to embark on a dangerous path of war with the universal evil. Becoming a superhero, it is necessary to justify the high rank, not dodging enemy attacks, and play online using super strength to win. The character fights with fists and weapons used, and when necessary, even terrain can be used wisely, making the shells bounce off the walls.
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Game Ultramen guard galaxy

Ultraman games People can only guess what the future holds in store for them. We use techniques that are well known and common, but in the development of scientists at a number of projects, which promise a new leap for the future development. Earlier in the flight of a man sent only science fiction, and the most daring opened the way to the stars. Today, air travel became common, and in the space crowded with artificial satellites, stations and probes. Now we only fantasize on the topic of parallel realities and development of new planets, but it's become a reality. In the meantime, the comics, books, films and computer games satisfy our interest in the unknown, including the game Ultramen.
According to the plot of the series Nippon Sunrise anime studio, in a different space, not just to detect life, and advanced civilization. As it turned out, its inhabitants – Ultrany than once secretly visited Earth. Now that the secret has been revealed, it is time to establish a relationship with the Earth and sent him to Hikari. The Messenger was a worthy man, and confer special abilities, which gives donated Ultranami"star."
It is not in vain won the high honor. It is known that the Earth threatened by space attack unfriendly aliens and monsters. Now the young man lives is predetermined – Ultramenom becoming, he will go all out to deal with universal evil, setting vocation above their own interests.

Up to exploit one step

Game Ultramen against monsters develop the theme of heroic deeds Hikari in different directions.

  • Boi kulakami
  • S use of weapons
  • Strelyalki
  • Chases

Ultraman games Ultraman games Crowds of horrible and evil enemies constantly arise before the hero. It is necessary to destroy the enemy one party is coming next, and they have no end. Ultramenu is no stranger to the form of various monsters, and they're not afraid of it with their appearance. From deep sea subsurface look up monster reminiscent of prehistoric reptiles. They are so huge that Ultramenu worth great effort to deal with them during the online game Ultramen. But it is worth the huge carcass of evil to die, the city drops a new trouble.
On the distant and cold planet in search of a new source of heat arrived aggressive creatures and try to destroy the human race, to take her place. But they did not expect to meet a fearless warrior, able to deal alone with the whole army. You have to survive in a fierce battle with another space aliens, armed with sharp claws. Sometimes, with the arrival on our planet alien beings with them penetrate us dangerous to human disputes that turn people into zombies. This has already happened during online game Ultramen and the hero again have occasion to work and exercise. If he was not afraid of huge poisonous mushrooms, a few walking dead, he easily overcome.


Feats continues

Battlefield will be not only the earth, and every celestial body of the solar system. With the ultra- you will be landing on the moon, which raged especially dangerous boss monster. He decided to destroy the night light, and this is detrimental to our planet. Do not allow the aggressor to realize the sinister plan into action, helping the hero to kill the villain.
Super strength, of course, helps a Ultramenu, but sometimes it's better to use a weapon to hit the target faster. If you know the principles of a rebound, the case quickly burn out. Shoot from cannon, getting into the barriers and walls at an angle, so that the projectile flew and fought in a different direction right on target. Even more interesting would be to perform the task during the game Ultramen for two, if you invite a friend or brother to share the excitement of participating in the exploits of a hero.

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