Dino robots games

Dino robots games

We represent you a close team of dinobots - robotic dinosaurs, which were created by Hrapovik and Racer. This team must fight with enemy elements, clearly obeying orders. But it so happened that even the leader of the group - Optimus Prime, does not have a full impact on the dinobots. Play online games Robots dinosaurs like especially young men, especially since it's free. You yourself can collect from a variety of elements the complex designs of mechanical dinosaurs, which are able to transform in every possible way. Collect your own army, bridling their wayward character.
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Games Robots dinosaurs of the universe transformerov

Dino robots games online Dino robots games online In the fictional world of many different worlds. Some have existed since time immemorial, others have appeared recently, and if you are curious enough, you will find a long and fascinating journey with amazing acquaintances. In one universe appeared transformers Dinobot. This name combines two words: dinosaur and a robot, that is. e. dinosaur robot. Creation of these can be transformed, they have reinforced the protective armor, several types of weapons, endowed with unbridled character, which manifests itself during the game Robot Dinosaurs.

Personazhi game Robots dinozavry

Vzyav the basis for the structure of Earth's ancient reptiles, Racer and decided to collect Ratchet Dinobot that the detachment of soldiers, robots that can perform any task. These designs were not initially spark of life, but the creators have decided that they can manage.
First had two mechanical dinosaurs, then two more, and led their Optimus Pry. Since dinosaurs turned stubborn and headstrong, they cannot be relied upon. Surrendered Optimus orders easily and blatantly ignored, and in a fit of rage lizards team could smash everything to pieces.
But if the power of the order of the characters does not mean anything, then they will fulfill the request with alacrity. Perhaps, if you are in the game Dino robots to play, you will be able to curb violent temper heroes restrain them, and send to the true path. And now it's time to learn their names and habits.

  • Dino robots games online Dinosaur leader Grimlock Dinobot. The strongest, cold-blooded and fierce warrior, often arrogant. It does not have any friends except for five of the team. Managed by the sword and double-barreled pistol.
  • Sleng Triceratops fighting a laser rifle, sometimes replaces Grimlock. Character is the most unpleasant, quarrelsome and spiteful. Often it comes not in all conscience, but very brave. He likes to say that he does not need any friends nor enemies.
  • Brontosaurus Sludge is not a very smart Dinobot, preferring brute force. It does not recognize the leader Optimus Prime, but does not express it openly. From weapons prefers ray gun.
  • stegosaurus Snarl armed with a beam rifle and a sword. Always philosophical and dejected mood that rises only on the battlefield. Under normal circumstances, he loves solitude in silence.
  • Pteranodon Swoop its ability to fly, the fastest among Dinobot. It is not just proud of this, and is actively used in combat by sending in air-to-air missiles of the enemy. He is able to inspire in the enemy's real horror, but also more friendly to people. Besides missile uses a sword in the war.

Naladte relationship with dinobotami

Since each robot was constructed from parts, you are invited to the factory to the shop where the game Collect robots dinosaurs show the whole process of the birth of the characters. This moment captures, sometimes preceded by training and battle.
With steel predators can walk around the city, collecting items that bring glasses, and jumping the entire building. Each dinosaur has a few lives that are better to save. Start Robots dinosaurs games for free, and you'll love these recalcitrant iron beasts, pass the test with them, do battle with the armies of enemies, to raise the level of talent.
Robot Dinosaurs Games about boys captivate for hours, providing the opportunity to participate in this great project giants build and then test them in military affairs in the water, on land and in the sky. You will see a lot more Dinobot than five submitted.

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