Robot Wars games

Robot Wars games

Free online Robot Wars games, a series of entertaining products that invite young men to play the role of cyborg with unique abilities. They are armed and dangerous, and the forces gradually grow in proportion to your step-by-step actions. Here you can fight against the computer or invite a friend to a fascinating process. In the passage provides bonuses and virtual money for the purchase of additional talents. The outcome depends on your tactics, and you can safely choose the vending robot, in order to then improve it. You will find an interesting, dynamic adventure in the battle arena.
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Robot Wars games: the power and strength of steel warriors

Series of the Robot Wars games, like boys for the opportunity to choose the type of gameplay with a friend or against the computer. Toys are presented in excellent graphics, and are equipped with familiar, long-familiar management:

  • Kean-letters ZXCA played by one gamer
  • The keys-numbers 1,2,3,4 will serve the second participant

Robot Wars games online With the help of these keys, players hit the enemy in ranged and melee combat, and if you accumulate enough energy, you can use a particularly strong lunge. In front of you in the battle dance oppose each other iron warriors dressed in equipment of different colors. This helps participants to follow the movement of their robot around the site, keeping control of the opponent’s actions.

All depends on you

Before starting the Robot Wars games, you have a choice of several cyborgs, and each is endowed with unique characteristics. But since they harm each other equally, you can choose any of the presented characters without worrying about the balance of power. During the battle, every detail plays a role, and one unexpected blow can turn events in a completely new way. You will need all the luck that is in stock, and vigilance and dexterous manipulations with your fingers on the keys will allow you to quickly respond to a change of scenery, deliver deadly blows to the enemy, put up defensive blocks, advance and retreat to time. Two scales will help to monitor health and vigor:

  • Green indicates the state of the vital forces of the robot, and while it is filled with at least 1%, life still glows in your hero.
  • The blue scale shows how much power was accumulated.

When it is completely filled up, using the “C” key you can strike a particularly strong blow in order to plunge the opponent with one blow. For each victory, you get a bonus in the form of a medal, which makes the Battle of Robots games exciting. After the first round you get to the next level, where the battle of robots continues with new forces.

Robot Wars games online And again it is necessary to decide that it is better to use a melee attack in this situation or to hit the enemy, staying at a respectful distance.

Continued should be

The second part of the Robot Wars games will appeal to its fans even more, because there are already more characters to choose from, new talents to buy, and also the options: Duel and Survival.

To win, you still have to choose the right tactics, competently use your strength, apply accurate attacks, and use the special blow that will take all or most of the strength from the opponent. This is facilitated by the weapons that the robots are armed with, and it is becoming stronger as you progress through the levels. Robot Wars games online

A serious confrontation occurs when your and enemy androids are on par with the forks and life energies. One step can significantly upset the balance of power, but in what direction, and who will be the winner, is luck and your strategy deciding.

In the third part, the developers dispersed, and provided players with a serious choice of 12 cyborgs with a different set of skills. But this is not all available characters having saved money, you can purchase other robots. This also applies to talents that are provided for a fee, but the currency is earned by victories in fights.

The result of a turn-based strategy depends on your actions. Each player seeks more opportunities, and this turns into an arms race. The next weapon or artifact brings certain benefits. Using power and bonuses gained to the fullest, you increase your chances of a victorious completion of the next round and the game as a whole.

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