Kiba and Kumba games

Kiba and Kumba games

Take the king's feat, going with a pair of crowned monkeys in marching through their possessions to help plants and animals to avoid the damaging consequences of acid rain, which made a penguin scientist.
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Igry Kiba and Kumba: adventure obezyan

Esli difficult situation arises, there is always a couple of heroes willing to risk everything in order to punish the offenders, destroy enemies, to prevent a catastrophe, to correct the mistakes of others. During the game Kiba and Kumba you get to know a couple of monkeys who love adventure and are happy to help.
They are inseparable and are always sent in a new campaign together. You will be able to manage them in turn, passing the card segments. It's nice and what the characters are always smiling, seeing the most serious problems, not to indulge in panic. Probably because they all so deftly turns out, and they cope with any task.
We have prepared several interesting episodes of the game Kiba and Kumba, and you will find the most amazing adventure of them all, which once fell on your share.

Act together always and everywhere

Kiba and Kumba games Kiba Cuba and the royal couple monkey kingdom. They present an example to follow, how to take care of his subjects. Heroes will not allow in their territory there were riots, and personally hit the road to help everyone.

  • Prohodite mission, driving one of geroev
  • Naydite logical way to solve problemy
  • Unichtozhayte vragov
  • Sobirayte predmety
  • Vzaimodeystvuyte with objects on ploschadke

Odnazhdy settled in the kingdom penguin scientist and his experiments gradually acquired a sinister character. No one knows why, but the nature is capricious, and rains become green. Drops falling on plants, killing them, and soon all the vegetation in the area disappear. A pair of monkeys could not long tolerate such behavior, and went to the lab a penguin, and along the way helps bushes, trees and flowers to hide from acid rain.
Game Management Kiba and Kumba elementary mouse click on objects, causing them to move, and interact with the environment.
At each stage of a new job and have to guess what subject this time will benefit the plants. From rain will cover the old flower cart, glass caps will lay roses, bridge board will be on a full-blown bush and sunflower hide under an umbrella, spreading petals. The remaining plants will also be assisted when the heroes before they would get in his journey.

Prodolzhaem stranstvovat

Kiba and Kumba games Kiba and Kumba games Crafty Penguin continues his crazy experiments, and one day he was able to revive refrigerators. The units, which are to serve now gone mad, and stole all the inhabitants of the monkey island. Open the game Kiba and Kumba, and go in search of subjects. They urgently need to save, and the royal couple works together.
While one down the bridge, the other builds a swing. So bold monkeys and acted helping at each other until one of the refrigerators are not proved trickier, and did not catch a queen, dragged off in the ice cave. King was alone, but was not taken aback, and continues to go forward, solving puzzles.
Finding and winning another refrigerator, King released him one of the inhabitants of their land bird, a mouse, hedgehog, moth. Every life is important to him, and he was glad I could help, though he try to prevent more evil enemies. He will face even with a snowman, but overcomes and it. Then go ahead is the main anti-hero of the game Kiba and Kumba crafty penguins.
King manage to escape from the clutches of a huge refrigerator his queen, but she was unconscious. On the revenue will come liberated inhabitants of the kingdom, and will help lead the monkey to life. Again, our couple together, and went to catch the penguin. Villain does not escape justice, he will be arrested and jailed during the game Kiba and Kumba.

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