Game Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire online

Game Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire

Game Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire online.

Before us is a new exciting game Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire that falls into the category of desktop card games. Today we will look at two friends Kiba and Kumba. Our restless love to spend time at a variety of solitaire unfolding. So sit back and get started. Before us is a field filled with half the cards lying face-down, that is, we do not see them does not suit not their dignity. Above them are various advantages of the card. they will learn carefully. At the bottom of the panel, we see a number of cards and one open side. For example, this ten of spades. Our task is to find on the playing field of cards or smaller dignity 0 nine or more advantages - jack. By clicking on the map, we will move it down to open. In this way, we will move the card to the decrease and increase as long as we will not be running. As soon as we reach the limit of the bottom opening card support and continue the game. The tour is considered passed if we dismantled all the cards on the playing field. If we did not do it, or we're out of the map data to help we lose. So be very focused and attentive, plan your moves carefully and victory will be yours. Game Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire has a rather interesting scenario, beautiful graphics and great sound. All this creates a vibrant atmosphere in the game and we are sure that you will spend many hours of game Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire.