Inspector Gadget games

Inspector Gadget games

Cyborg Cop gadget remembered on the cartoon, and now you can play with it in the free online game Inspector Gadget. Next to the gadget faithful dog Brain and clever niece Penny. Such a motley crew certainly find a way to get on the trail of the enemies, no matter how cunning they were not. And to improve the detective skills, play in the search for pairs of cards, puzzles, find inconsistencies in the figures and paint the pictures, trying to reproduce the original colors.
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Igry Inspector Gadget: comedy detektiv

Inspector Gadget games Inspector Gadget games hero Inspector Gadget game needs no introduction. He is known since 1982 When it first appeared in the eponymous animated series. Each episode begins with a scene in a fictional town of Metro City when gadget gets from his boss Quimby note self-destruct with the next task.
All the work of the hero is aimed at combating the corporation Psycho run by Dr. Claw, still known as the Claw. As it is in such situations, it is wicked, perfidious, harmful scientist who dreams to enslave the world. Task gadget does not allow this, using the entire arsenal of tools available to it, and the help of friends.
Close to the hero of his niece Penny, clever and intelligent dog Brain. However, they do not just fall into a difficult situation, but always found the opportunity to save themselves, and get others. The gadget has become so interesting and popular character, which in 1999 prequel was shot by multserialu – full-length feature film, and in 2003 there was a continuation. Both films have not gone beyond the original genre: adventure, comedy, detective for family viewing.
As for the game Inspector Gadget, they are offered a children's audience, and this is a great occasion to remember the famous detective, has a phenomenal ability.

Udivitelnye personazhi

  • Inspector Gadget games – Inspector Gadget leading character, a detective working in the police. He's not a regular guy, a cyborg equipped with weighing devices and stuff to help him in his work. Only the hands are much – can stretch over long distances, capturing distant subjects. He always wears a raincoat gray hat with a brim, leather gloves and unchanging blue trousers. I am confident in himself, and therefore full of pathos, but in spite of the experience, is naive, the ability to surprise the person. For example, an undercover spies Clos applies to both friends and his dog masked villain takes over.
  • – Penny talented niece Inspector. It works with gadgets around to help him. The paper uses the book - computer in order to trace criminals. With Brain also keeps contact with the help of hours in which the device is mounted.
  • – Brain dog gadgets. He can not speak, but it does not detract from his intellect. He walks on his hind legs, expertly masked, and keeps in touch with Penny via a transmitter that is integrated into its collar. Always ready to help the owner, in what mess he 'd missed.
  • Dr. Claw (Claw George) – Leading anti-hero, the head of the company of Psyche, who dreams to conquer the world. Always hidden behind the scenes, and see only his hand in an iron glove. As a pet cat with a hand stroking the nickname Mad.
  • Uimbi – police chief, the head of the gadget. That it gives the inspector jobs Self Destruct notes, pre- changing appearance. Always praise gadgets, considering it the best employee.

Gadzhet – best detektiv

Otkroyte games Inspector Gadget, and go with him in the adventure. Among gaming products, you will find coloring pages and colorful burns, help him get rid of a toothache in the clinic, you will find all the pairs of pictures and strengthen your memory.
During the game, Inspector Gadget, you will find yourself in a difficult situation, when the hero falls in the sky, inexorably approaching the ground, and the only way to survive – away from the enemy parachute. And going to the Action Game Inspector Gadget, go through mazes, collect bonus items, jewelry, and find a way to get out of the traps, using the character's ability to transform.

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