Games bartender

Games bartender

Free online games attracted the attention of the bartender immediately and stimulate the desire to play, engaged in drawing up delicious drinks by mixing the various components. This job is responsible and fun, and the result is not always possible to predict. Instead of divine drink can turn a real poison or explosive cocktail that will turn you into a spider. In the role of the bartender serve different heroes, and among them you can find Hannah Montana, Barbie, talking cat Tom and his blond girlfriend Angela, minions and simply people who love to experiment with tastes as you.
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Creative games barman

Games bartender Like dishes, drinks can be completely different, with several ingredients and spices. There are drinks for children and adults, consisting of juices, milk, alcohol. They add pieces of fruit for decoration, season with salt, sugar, pepper, and to make the cocktail look beautiful, experienced bartenders stack each layer separately, so that all colors can be seen in the glass. The final touch is a bright umbrella coquettishly perched on the edge of the glass.

How difficult it is to make different cocktails yourself, the bartender will demonstrate the games. This addictive process increasingly excites the excitement, looking at how the hero's face changes every time he tries his own drink.

In the rubric there are different versions of the game bartender cocktail, but the essence always remains the same.

  • Mix in a shaker ingredients
  • Experiment with different additives
  • Offer the drink to visitors
  • Try it yourself

Experimental Experts

Games bartender Take a look from the bar where the bartender of the old school has been working on making different drinks for a long time. Before offering a successful option to visitors, he tastings his next invention himself, and from his reaction one can understand how successful the experiment was.
By starting the plot of the bartender’s drinks, you become this experimenter, and decide for yourself what to mix in what proportions. Choose among numerous bottles those whose contents will enter your new masterpiece. The number of ingredients can be any, as long as it fits into a glass. You can add ice and lemon juice to the drink, then shake the contents thoroughly, and pour it into a glass. Now look at how the bartender carefully tries the result, and everything will become clear to you.
He can crawl under the table with a reverent expression, and in a minute he can come up with a glass of cocktail lit by divine light. This means that the result exceeded all expectations.
But the bartender does not always succeed in achieving a similar effect, and a real poison or an explosive jumble is often obtained. If he shakes a little the new mixture, a crazy explosion occurs, and only a couple of burnt boards remain at the place of the tavern.
Not surprisingly, the bartender tries each new drink so carefully. He is ready that the next minute a draconian flame will break out of his mouth, or his soul will fly off so that he can go up to heaven with wings and throw the harp, throwing the last disapproving glance at the earthly bustle.

New persons behind the bar

Games bartender Introducing other free games bartender, if you are interested in this topic. Making drinks is a real art, which requires knowledge and intuition to pick up the components in the right proportion.
Highlights online games bartender humor, without which you can not do when there is so much alcohol around. Sometimes in the plot, girls are asked to mix a hell of a cocktail, and slip it to a friend who is guilty. And if you're lucky, she will not just take a sip of terrible swill, but also turn into a toad. There are also romantic options, as in the case of the cat Angela and Tom. The caretaker must win the favor of the blonde and try to make her favorite drink. Help Tom to do everything right, otherwise the beauty will leave him.
Mysterious, magical elixirs are prepared in one of the bars, which is especially popular on Halloween. Clients call you the ingredients, and you must follow the recipe precisely so as not to anger the witches and sorcerers. Be careful, and you will not be turned into a bat.

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