Pacman games

Pacman games

Free online game Pacman appeared so long ago that in the context of novelties about them for a while forgotten. Now it is fashionable to play with toys that have become classics of the gaming industry. Who remembers those days, will ponastolgirovat the passage of the maze, and the young players will get acquainted with the story for the first time, to feel the idea. Before you smiley escaping from the ghosts of the labyrinth and eat point in its path. This is the classic version, but it created a similar game with different characters. Before you heroes of the cartoon The Simpsons, snowmen, Mario, clowns, animals, insects and others.

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The good old Pacman game

Pacman games In May 1980, Japan was first released computer arcade game Pac-Man, which in Japanese sounds like PACC-man from the expression « pacu pacu taberu », which can be translated roughly as: « continuously open his mouth wide and then slam; swallow, eat; bite ». The Russian version is much simpler: Pacman for us, it is the common people – Gingerbread Man. Already this year, in the autumn of the game appeared in America and was a serious competition space shooter, which were especially popular in those years. It was a completely new idea, offering gameplay without violence, making it interesting for all ages and genders. In the corridors of the maze running Pacman – bun and swallowed a pea, while running away from ghosts.

Pacman games Simple to operate and with a straightforward plot, toy wake excitement. Soon it began to shoot series and even releasing music albums, addressed her movie characters and cartoons, her idea began to borrow other computer games, and in the book of Guinness World Records, it ranked sixth among the fifty best. Interestingly, even the search engine Google is so imbued with a toy that made her always available on your page.

It began with that 2010 May 21 was thirty years since the release of PacMan and to celebrate this date, Google made an interactive search page. Everyone could run the game online, and it turned out that they had no lack. This success prompted the decision to make the toy is always active for her fans. Pacman conceived as a game of endless mode. Each level gets more difficult, but when the player took 255 minutes, it automatically throws to first, where the ghosts continued to behave aggressively. Because of congestion there was an error that does not allow to go to the next stage of the game – bun ate all the peas and remained empty perimeter alone with ghosts. This stage is called the « blind sector » or « the last level ». Now with the help of the developed software can be removed overdrive and pass to the next round of toys.

New types of old games

Pacman games We offer free games Pacman on your website, so that you could taste this product. Among the proposals adherents find familiar classics usual fun graphics. Those who prefer to learn new things, will be able to compare them with the latest, where the authors have gone from the traditional Bun and ghosts populating the space of your own character:

  • The rabbit is jumping on the garden beds, collecting sweet carrot, but the owner pulled the backyard dogs, and they set off in pursuit of the oblique. Can you leave them whole and full bag of carotene? In the next game Little Red Riding Hood went to his grandmother, collecting products on forest paths. However, she could easily turn into a tight dinner if not hasten to break away from the pack hungry wolves.
  • Even during the game Pacman online, you can do the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to collect rubbish in the corridors, but be wary of bouncing balls, or to help a cute little dog collect bones and run away from life for catching dogs.  
  • Sometimes the ghosts that chase the protagonist, armed with bombs and become doubly dangerous.

In each version of their characters, but the gameplay always puts the same problem – compile and run until you are caught and eaten.

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