Touch the Bubbles games

Touch the Bubbles games

Touch the Bubbles games, this is the next version of the fun of the balls. Presented they are online for free, and after the download you can immediately start playing. The point is to hold the mouse over all the bubbles without touching the walls, blades, thorns and other obstacles that will arise as the levels pass. This is an unusual and fascinating idea already liked by many players, and they recommend everyone to test themselves in a new direction. The process quickly captures and carries on until the last game stage is reached, but only the most experienced participants will get there.
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Friendly Touch the Bubbles games

Touch the Bubbles games is very entertaining, in the genre they resemble both a puzzle and an arcade. This combination makes them interesting and exciting. To successfully complete the levels, you need accuracy of movements, a good reaction and of course a miscalculation strategy. Touch the Bubbles games online

Touch the Bubbles games released in several parts, so that users can enjoy the process a sufficient amount of time. In style, the first, third and fourth parts resemble slot machines installed in entertainment centers, but the control, unlike the machines, is done with the mouse. The second part will appeal to fans of puzzles, it will have to deal with the selection of secret combinations and only the one will be correct.

Touch the Bubbles games online All parts of the Touch the Bubbles games belong to the developing, they are unlikely to be young children, and schoolchildren and adults will be able to test their skills in logical thinking, motor skills and practice memory. The further the player progresses through the levels, the more difficult tasks he will have to solve. On the playing field, he is waiting for the tangled labyrinths, the mass of traps and obstacles, which you can not always get around the first time.

All games Touch the bubbles are in the public domain, you do not have to download and install, the download time is only a few seconds. After a short pause, the version will be launched online directly in the browser window. You can play absolutely free of charge, in no part of the payments are real money. The reward for passing the stage will be the accrual of additional points.

Distinctions in Touch the Bubbles games

The first part of the Touch the Bubbles games was simple enough, on the screen appeared and disappeared colored bubbles, and the players as real hunters had time to shovel pesky balls. The higher the level of the game, the more elements appear and the faster they disappear. Despite the simplicity of the process, the version turned out to be very fascinating, and the authors continued the release of this series.

The second part of the Touch the Bubbles games cardinally different from the rest. It no longer requires a quick reaction and precise hits by the cursor. It is a puzzle. In the center of the screen there is a lock, and in a circle from it bubbles of different colors:

  • Yellowed;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • The power.

Touch the Bubbles games online Clicking on the right ball activates part of the lock, it lights up with a green strip. If the next move is incorrect, then all active strips on the lock disappear. You can certainly try your luck choosing a code at random, but it's better to work out a scheme and memorize all the elements in turn, activating the lock. With each level it becomes more difficult, since the number of lanes on the lock increases by one in each level.

The third part is a real bright modern game. The user will see on the screen a labyrinth filled with multi-colored bubbles, when the mouse pointer touches them, they burst. But the task is not just to pass through the narrow corridors of the luminous point and release the playing field, it has many traps of red color. One careless touch and life is lost. Initially, players are given two lives, but among the balls you can find additional ones. As soon as the whole stock of hearts is used the game stops and you can start all from the first level.

In the fourth part of the Touch the Bubbles games process similar to the previous version, but added several arcade and simple modes, the arcade passes the tasks sequentially, and the simple one provides a choice. Levels of increased complexity for trained players are not afraid of obstacles and challenges.

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