Vehicles games

Vehicles games

You can play Vehicles games at any time completely free of charge and they run online with one click. In them, players will have to solve complex problems arising on the roads of the virtual world populated by cars. There are fire and patrol cars, as well as ambulances, but they are unable to do their job due to unscrupulous cars and just intruders. The user needs to be smart and resolve the situation, only so the level will be passed. Make it work, calling for help logical thinking and ingenuity.
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Funny Vehicles games

By playing Vehicles games you can get into a world in which only cars live. They, as in ordinary human life, are all different, each has its own work and purpose. But one day, the society split, there was a riot. Ordinary cars rebelled against the special-purpose auto, why can they do everything if they have a flashing light on the roof, did not want the townsfolk to stop and skip the ambulances and fire engines, and the police in general need to cancel. Vehicles games online

V many cars have gathered in the city, they staged a demonstration. The main requirements of which were:

  • Equal to everyone on the road;
  • No sirens and flashers;
  • Shared privileges;
  • Let's go without patrols;
  • Rodes for everyone!

Vehicles games online The protests ended in failure, in the thick of the meeting there were accidents and immediately needed ambulance to heal the wounded, the police reassured the bullies, and of course the fire department must put out the ignition that occurred during the collision. The rebellion ended in nothing, and the services continued their work as if nothing had happened.

Vehicles game in which users will have to perform the work of special purpose machines. Masterfully driving cars, players will restore order, put out the fire, or save the lives of the sick. Noble work benefits not only in a virtual city, but also in real life.

All games Vehicles do not need to download, they run online with one click of the mouse. It is interesting to spend time and relax at any convenient time, as long as the computer is connected to the Internet. All versions are free, they will not be able to go through a difficult level by spending real money, you will have to try to win.

Features of the Vehicles games

The Vehicles games are very funny, children and adults will like to play them. After the release of the first part, the game received a lot of positive feedback, and the developers continued the series. To date, you can find three versions, and starting to perform tasks from the first, gradually get to the finish line in the third. Vehicles games online

Each level challenges the players, either the attacker has parked in the wrong place, or the building is lit, and the passage is closed to firefighters, there are situations where medical personnel cannot reach the patient due to congestion or artificially created obstacles. The players will have to solve the problem with the minimum number of clicks, the special-purpose auto is controlled by pressing the left mouse button, one click and the car has gone, the second has stopped.

All parts of the game Vehicles are essentially puzzles, in order to complete a level you need to use logical thinking and be extremely savvy. In the upper part of the menu you can see what level the player is passing now and how many points he has been credited for passing, there are buttons at the bottom:

  • Start over;
  • Back to main menu;
  • Additional vehicle options;

In different parts of the Vehicles games they can be different depending on the task, in one case the car turns 180 degrees, in the other, it can jump over an attacker or an obstacle, in the third, there is a chance to move a very heavy object using super power.

Vehicles games, created in good quality, they have funny characters, you can see by eyes what emotions the car feels when performing the task. In the process, fervent music sounds, and sound effects add realism to what is happening on the computer monitor, visas of brakes, engine hum, and much more.

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