Jennifer Rose games

Jennifer Rose games

Girls love directions about animals, kids, dates. Knowing this, developers create more fun in a similar vein, among which are free online games by Jennifer Rose. Starting in them to play, together with the heroine, it is easy to master the work of babysitting for babies and kittens, taking care of them, playing, bathing, putting to bed. Another girl works in restaurants, serving visitors. She not only brings them orders, but also furnishes the establishment, buying modern equipment. And in her free day, she will certainly go on a date with a beautiful young man, first choosing her outfit.
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Jennifer Rose games for every day

If you are not familiar with the heroine, who represent the free games of Jennifer Rose, you urgently need to know her closer. This is a cheerful, always friendly, cheerful and smiling girl who manages to cope with many professions. She is always interested in what the new work is hiding, and therefore it is accepted to study it with enthusiasm. Jennifer Rose games online

All that she undertakes, she succeeds, because the heroine approaches the cause with a soul. Surely you wonder how she manages to keep up everywhere, and even go on dates. She has a very beautiful, stylish and romantic guy who she likes very much. And Jennifer is not against if you accompany her to work and to these intimate meetings.

Jennifer loves to take care

Games nanny Jenny Rose will allow you with the girl to take care of the kids. At the beginning, so that it is not very difficult for you, there will be only one tot, but gradually their number will begin to grow. Only 12 levels, so count the forces. With children need:

  • Play
  • Putting them to sleep
  • Feed
  • Dressing

Jennifer Rose games online They can be capricious, because they cannot yet speak about their desires. But the tips will help you understand what is bothering them at the moment. Perhaps the baby wanted to drink or had dirty pants. Or maybe he decided it was time to bathe and drink some milk before falling asleep.

A good nanny manages to fulfill all the requirements of the baby, and there is still time for a little chat with the fiancé, who occasionally comes to see Jennifer. When parents come to pick up their children, and they see that they are happy and happy, they will pay the girl well for her services. Pocket money never hurts. Since Jenny is young, she likes to dress beautifully, so part of the money can be spent on clothes. But do not forget that it is necessary to replenish the range of items for work clothes, toys, furnishings for the children's room. Jennifer Rose games online

But, as already mentioned, games for girls Jennifer Rose are not obsessed with taking care of babies, and therefore there is another option with animals. It is impossible not to love these fluffy lumps, because they are so playful and funny. But, at the same time, and very restless, which is great for children.

The situation unfolds the same when you first take care of one pet, but they gradually become larger. And now a whole crowd jumps around you, demanding attention and caress. As you progress through 11 levels, you will earn money that you can spend on clothes and on the decor in the game room.

Direction of service

You can play Jennifer Rose games by choosing a job in a restaurant. The assortment presents different places, and even in Texas. But the principle is always the same, because the girl has to take and bring orders from customers. There are more visitors at the tables with each new round of fun, so it’s better to hurry.

Earnings directly depends on how accurate and fast the actions of the heroine will be. If the visitor is satisfied, in addition to paying for the food, he will leave a tip. With their help, you will much more quickly replenish your capital in order to buy new equipment.

Let's go on a date

You can still play games about Jennifer Rose for free by choosing a romantic direction. The heroine loves to spend her day off with the boyfriend, and before the date she carefully prepares. Over several levels, she collects wardrobe items in order to find a beautiful outfit corresponding to the upcoming event. You will also see her flirting in the library, at the car wash, in the restaurant and other places where the couple is meeting.

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