Township games

Township games

Introducing the original story online Township. It combines both of your most beloved genres - farm and city building. Fun is available for free, and anyone can play it by joining numerous players. Develop both the city and the farm at the same time, winning a high rating of the mayor and money for development. Build houses, farms, factories, barns, schools and hospitals. Pay attention to the diversity of crops and animals, make new friends and exchange goods. The better you cope with the tasks, the smarter will be your metropolis.
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games Township: urban farm

Township games online To keep gamers interested in a particular game industry, developers always have to invent something new. Most often, just take two popular themes and combine them, creating a mix. It happened with the story of the game Township, in which the genres of farm and urban planning intertwined.

Only imagine this cocktail! Now you can play Township games for free, being realized simultaneously in two favorite genres.

What came out of this

Works in the presented fun even more than enough. At first it will seem that nothing special is happening, because you can easily cope with tasks. But after several levels of complexity will increase markedly, and you, as the mayor, will have to fulfill the numerous requests of residents.

For a full and comfortable life, people need hospitals and schools, markets and shops, fire stations and the police. Do not forget about the entertainment and comfortable areas for walking, otherwise you risk getting discontent from the population. Of course, it would be possible to ignore some points, but your reputation depends on it. When you play Township games, always remember this, and perform popular actions.

  • Grow Yields
  • Unchure the living creature
  • Produce goods
  • Develop the infrastructure of the city
  • Close business contacts with your neighbors
  • Visit other islands

Township games online All this will have to do in the game Township. If earlier in the farm pro toys you only cared about its well-being, doing the same in urban planning games, now your attention should cover both directions.

Features and differences of action

If you play Township games for free, you have to keep a fairly large range of tasks under control.

Township games online To grow new, more exotic plant varieties, build a port and go to other islands on a ship to establish business connections. The same applies to animals to develop this direction, so that chickens, pigs, rabbits, sheep, cows and other animals have as much as possible. Each species needs its own conditions and scenery, and they are kept in different zones.

Continuing in the game of Township to play, one day to begin to process raw materials. To do this, build barns and sheds, factories and factories that produce food, tools for work and clothing. In the game menu Township a huge range of all kinds of buildings and things, but it all costs money. They are earned through the development of their own territories and trade, the development of mines and through taxes. Sell ​​surplus goods in the markets, also sign contracts with shops, restaurants and other enterprises for regular supply.

In the process of Township games for free to build urban buildings and road junctions. Goods will be transported along roads, railroad tracks and water, so this is an important part of development. Erect urban buildings where the inhabitants of the town will be able to live and work.

Since all the directions are closely intertwined, it is worth missing something, how the whole system is disorganized, discontent and mass migration from the city appear. The fewer people you have left, the less the tax goes to the treasury of the city and there is a sharp shortage of workers.

When starting to play Township games, remember all the nuances. Only in this way your small town with a tiny farm will soon become a real metropolis with successful agriculture. It is very important to establish contacts with other players. Attract your friends on Facebook and Google, meet new people in the vastness of the game itself.

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