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to turn you into a master need a good teacher, and thus become a mentor for you online games Yoda, in which you can play for free. You will master control spaceship, own lightsaber in a skirmish with the enemy, and even the construction of successful farms, the development of fishing activities, the management of bar and a revival of the reserve. Economic simulations pleased with interesting plot and excellent graphics. Once first path, heed the advice, carry out important tasks and create a deserted place nearly a profitable business, and Master Yoda will help you with this.

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Youda Games Youda Games Games Yoda in space and on the ground

The old and mysterious, speaking in the ancient language, and the wisest of the wise master Yoda remember us "Star Wars." He trained Jedi training them to fight in the light swords, laying their heads philosophical postulates, perfecting the character and the ability to control emotions. Opening the game Yoda, do you expect to see the ugly little man in a large robe, with long ears, waving green sword. Are you sure you visit the space where not all enemies are destroyed, and part Jedi Master needed. But when destroy all enemies in interstellar space, look for more mundane things. This wise old man brought up many generations of soldiers not only kosmitami but weeds, and then instructed them important mission – build a thriving farm on the ground, open cafes and master other professions.

The test farm business

Here we were among the familiar terrestrial nature, where students Yoda embody the teachings of the teacher.

  • Games farmer Yoda are you another economic strategy.

Youda Games grow different crops of vegetables and grain, processed grain into flour, raised cattle and collect milk and eggs. Please send a truck to the finished product, to pick him up and drive to the warehouse and in return receive points and bonuses. Gradually card farm will grow into new objects accessible: there will be additional structure, to establish business contacts. Shops and restaurants will have to order products and volumes, the contract, it is necessary to have time to carry them out to earn money to buy new products.
Games Farm Yoda have to continue, and you will visit different conditions. Work will continue even in the winter, because the barns, chicken coops, dairy farms, bakeries and shops are always needed.
Even at the end of the world, you can build a great economy, if you make a little effort. To begin to attract wild birds, dig for them with fresh water lakes, and for this they will carry for you eggs that you can sell and earn a first small capital. Then you will open new territories, and you can even visit the incredibly beautiful seabed.

Other features of the game Yoda

  • fisheries managers.

Youda Games This is also a simulator where you have to enter into a contract with the courts, so that they work for you. Then collect water containers with fish and other products, to build new facilities, in general, to develop. In fact almost have to manage this company. If initially it seems to mean business, with your help, will soon grow to a mega company that will roll over a huge profit and will become a serious competitor in its field.

  • We go on a safari.

For the love of animals can earn. For example, take the protected zone, which is in decline, and try to revive interest in it. There will always be people who want to see the animals in the wild, so why not start selling tickets and to carry tourists on the car on the prairie?

  • Open a sushi bar.

During this online game Yoda you become an expert in the preparation of oriental dishes. Just observe the wishes of clients and quickly assembled from the products of the finished dish, serve it and get the money. See, it's not difficult.

  • As the Jedi must be attentive and possess different languages ​​other than an exercise will be to find subjects in English. Find a list of lost items at the railway station in order to return to their former owners. You will have a few tips, if you suddenly lost.
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