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Game Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2

Welcome to play Sparkle 2, it will take you into a fantastic fairy-tale world, it is mysterious, everywhere feel the breath of magic. Mysterious world has prepared you a lot of surprises, mostly pleasant, but the fabulous beauty of the magnificent scenery in mortal danger. Magic is different: white and black. White Mages help the world develop, bring the beauty of life and provide a pleasant fantastic inhabitants: elves, gnomes, fairies and other forest dwellers. While black magic tends to destroy everything, to leave behind a bare desert. A world of magic to protect the magical multicolored round sparkle, they fly around and preserve trees, shrubs, grass, young people and small animals if sparkling keepers disappear, melt the peace and the magic. Black Mage is this and is working and came up with a cunning plan, which is going to bring to the game Sparkle 2. Villain turned sparkles in colorful balloons, assembled them in the chain and forced to move to round the abyss that they have failed and disappeared forever. Do not let be realized nefarious designs of the evil sorcerer, you have a special gun, which produced gnomes and fairies, she is charged with colored balls. Shoot colored crawling snake to collect three or more identical balls in a row to neutralize the spell scratch-cat magician. Use energy balls, but it is necessary to recharge the gun, shooting at emerging portals. Sparkle 2 - html5 is an online game for anyone who leads an active life and rarely sitting at home near the computer. Run a toy on tablets and smartphones, and enjoy, have fun and to spend time with.

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